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I'm Tellin' Y'all it's a Sabotage! Arrest made in connection with mtb trail sabotage in Ashland

Ashland mountain bike trail saboteur finally arrested.



SabotageHere you are minding your own business, hauling ass down Mount Ashland with a huge grin pasted on your face—"mountain biking rules!"—you say out loud to no one in particular.

Then you get cloths-lined, Return-of- the-Jedi-style, by rope some crotchety old dick strung across the trail 'cause he hates mountain bikers. And fun. This happened.

On Sunday a Forest Service law enforcement officer arrested a white-bearded man who is suspected to be the trail saboteur who has plagued area trails for months. 

From the Mail Tribune:

"I wound up cutting my leg and sprained my wrist," said Roussel, who suspected the man he had encountered was responsible for the dead tree in the trail.

Within the next 100 yards, Roussel said there were another dozen pieces of tree, with at least three of them longer than 15 feet.

Roussel said the trees were carefully placed in a way that riders could probably recover from hitting or dodging a piece of log, and then begin to accelerate again before the next obstacle.

"He was pretty smart about it," said Roussel.


Roussel said other riders had previously encountered mountaineering rope tied between saplings that obstructed the path on an expert-level trail called Time Warp, also on Mount Ashland. Roussel said that a mountain biker who visited the Rogue Valley from Canada ran into mountaineering rope that hit him between his elbow and shoulder.

An employee at Ashland's Cycle Sport said one rider had brought in a parachute cord he had found across a watershed trail about a month ago.

Employees at Ashland Bicycle Works had fielded calls from trail riders who also came across parachute cord while biking on unauthorized trails in the watershed.

Crackpot. Hopefully there's no copycat crimes on our home trails in Bend.


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