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Special Issues & Guides » Central Oregon Pets

Central Oregon Pets - Spring 2019

A Dog's View of Bend

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The magazine dedicated to the best friends of Bend and beyond

Thanks for reading Central Oregon Pets—the inaugural issue featuring stories on a subject matter our entire staff can get behind. Whether furry and friendly, or scaly and strange, we love our pets, and we know Central Oregon loves them, too.

Inside these pages you’ll find coverage of local dogs and cats—but also reptiles, chicken keeping and one very special adoptive pony.

Read heartwarming adoption tales on page 4. Get the basics of puppy rearing on page 7. See the winners of our first-ever Paw Pageant on page 11.

Delve into the world of Adventure Dogs, who do valuable work in the mountains and on farms, on page 8. Get the rules around keeping horses, chickens and other livestock, and get answers to other questions around pet rules on page 19. 

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Ever wondered about the difference between an emotional support animal and a therapy animal? Find out what’s what on page 22. Read the tale of Oregon’s largest dedicated reptile store on page 25. And starting on page 27, find listings for Central Oregon veterinarians, pet sitting services, pet stores and more.

Check out the Central Oregon Pets Business Directory at: bendsource.com/petdirectory

So settle in with your furry—or scaly—best friends, and happy reading!

- Nicole Vulcan, Yoda’s mom (and secondarily, Editor)


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