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In reply to: Burning For You: Forget nuclear power, torching trees might just be the answer to our energy needs (News, 11-29)


"Ironically, a new state law that requires public buildings to dedicate 1.5 percent of the total construction cost to incorporating solar energy could be a major obstacle, says Chang. It's another example of how easy and efficient heat projects often take a back seat to technologies like solar, says Chang".

It's easy to criticize another renewable, as in the above statement from the article testifies, but 1.5 percent of total construction....give me a break. Orienting the project for solar gain is just common sense, and that's about all the aforementioned law expects.

Try taking on the real instigators of the devolution of renewable energy "The Energy Monarchs" coal, oil and gas. They have much to lose, considering the new "too cheap" to meter renewable energy.

- HempWinch

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