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It seems like everyone has an Instagram account these days—even some popular Central Oregon Pets



With so much in the media to doomscroll over, how about a little "gleefreshing" clickbait? What could be more soothing than social media posts featuring cute, cuddly PNW animals? Here are the latest picks for the best local insta animal finds...

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  • @Ishtar.gram / Instagram


Part of a litter of five hailing from the locally famed Phoenix Farm on the east edge of Bend, Ishtar is one of two daughters to a German Shepherd and a Black Lab born in the spring of 2020. At less than a year old, her human launched her first Insta account and has been building momentum since December. Check out her cameo in the "Doggy Paddle" article found in this issue of Central Oregon Pets.

  • @beaverbabyfurrylove / Instagram


Beave was rescued when he was three weeks old after being abandoned. After two years, he will be released to go it alone in the wild. This account mainly posts videos of Beave attempting to create in-home dams by dragging toys, debris and anything handy into constrictions. He chews trim and wood home furnishings and when he's happy, he makes squeaky sounds like a stuffy nosed baby. I can't get enough...

  • @highdesertmuseum / Instagram


For epic images of recovering high desert animals like beavers, otters, birds of prey and more, check out virtual exhibit clips through the High Desert Museum Instagram page. 

For more animal imagery, check out @mustangstotheresecue, @ruffwear and @Oregonzoo. What are your favorite Instagram animal pages?

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