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Humpy calls for an intervention for cable TV station TLC from their programing, which is no longer amusing.



Guys... gather round. It pains me to say this, but it's time to stop ignoring the problem staring us in the face, and actually do something to stop it. Otherwise, we're just enabling this type of behavior, right? Okay, so we're all in agreement; we need to act on this NOW, correct? Good! Now steel yourselves, because we can expect a lot of resistance, and - oh. Get in position, here they come!

HELLO, TLC. I suppose you're wondering why your viewers are gathered together in your living room. It's because... oh, no you don't! You're not going anywhere! You are going to sit down, and hear what we have to say! As your loyal viewers, we're here today to tell you how much your actions have hurt and affected us. I'll start:

Look, TLC. I love you, okay? I really do. You've provided me with lots of laughs over the years. And even when those laughs were at the expense of others (I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Strange Addictions, etc.), it was still hilariously funny. HOWEVER, like a clown who repeatedly runs his tiny car over a bag of screaming kittens, your antics are no longer amusing. Let's take a peek at your newest show debuting this week: Extreme Couponing (Wed, April 6, 9 pm).

Okay. You've got to be freaking kidding me. A show about women who obsessively clip coupons? Yes, you're right... I do love me some "crazy." But this doesn't even make sense! It's like you've jumped from spotlighting generalized insanity (Hoarding: Buried Alive) to micro-specific batshit craziness. What shows are you going to produce next? I Like Hitting Myself in the Face with a Hammer? I Didn't Know I Was Sticking My Fingers Up My Butt? Wait. What? No, those are just imaginary show titles! I DON'T ACTUALLY STICK MY FINGERS UP MY BUTT (very often).

Don't you turn this around on me! I'M the victim here! (You'll pay me how much to star in a show where I stick my fingers up my butt? NO! ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, PROBABLY NOT!) Besides, I'm not the only viewer you've hurt with your insane programming. Listen to what Helen Morgan of Topeka, Kansas has to say:

"TLC, like most of America, I love cakes and midgets. But it's too much of a good thing, you know? I was fine with Ultimate Cake Off, and Little People Big World. But then you went crazy with Cake Boss, The Little Couple, DC Cupcakes, Little Chocolatiers, Next Great Baker, and Toddlers and Tiaras - who, I know, aren't strictly "midgets," but they are tiny and they love cake, soooo... yeah! Now? I can't bear to look at midgets OR cake. Thanks a lot, TLC. You've ruined EVERYTHING!!"

See what you've done here, TLC? You've lost control! You need to accept that you have a PROBLEM, cancel these cake, midget, hoarding, children hoarding, and now couponing shows, and get some help. Do it for your loved ones. Do it for your viewers. But most of all, do it for yourself.

(Seriously, though... how much will you pay me to star in a show about putting fingers up my butt?)

Admit you have a problem!!

thursday 31

8:00 ABC WIPEOUT This week is a "zombie-themed" episode, because... watching zombies bust their ass is funny?

9:00 FOX MOBBED Debut! Flash mobs and Howie Mandel. The only thing missing is leukemia.

friday 1

8:00 CBS CHAOS Debut! A gang of rogue CIA agents defend national security while trying to avoid going to work at Walmart.

8:00 TOON STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Season finale! A special one-hour episode featuring light saber battles, wookiees, and nerds creaming their pants.

saturday 2

8:00 NICK KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS Featuring Jack Black, Black Eyed Peas, Russell Brand... and umm... where's the BIEBER??

11:30 NBC SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE This week's host: Elton John! This week's musical guest: Elton John!

sunday 3

9:00 AMC THE KILLING Debut! An adaptation of the awesome Danish series, which depicts a murder in Seattle from three different perspectives.

10:00 TLC STRANGE SEX Season premiere! Featuring a woman born with two vaginas. Okay, TLC - we'll allow it.

monday 4

9:00 A&E RELAPSE Debut! A show that purportedly helps hopeless addicts. Ding dong, TLC! I think the door is for you!

tuesday 5

8:00 ABC NO ORDINARY FAMILY Season finale! The season ends for this superhero family drama which will (probably) fly off into cancellation.

9:30 FOX TRAFFIC LIGHT Because he's a dick, Mike lobbies his boss to get a raise in order to make more money than his wife.

wednesday 6

9:30 FOX BREAKING IN Debut! A new workplace comedy starring Christian Slater (whom I don't recall inviting back).

10:30 COM WORKAHOLICS Debut! Three college roomies get stupid jobs as telemarketers in this potentially hilarious new series!

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