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It's Quitters Day!

Here's advice for sticking with your resolutions


Three weeks into the new year means many things. One of them is that many new goals were set, which is awesome! Self-improvement is definitely encouraged. But it also probably means many of those sought after goals are going to be quit. 

To top it off, according to studies done by Strava, January 17 is the day most people quit their New Year's resolutions. Let's hope you're not one of them.

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Keeping a resolution is hard. Especially when work gets in the way. We know you probably wouldn't tell your boss, but work stresses everybody out. It makes you tired and can throw off your schedule, which may prohibit your healthier goals from really kicking in.

But what if your workplace was making it easier to stick to your goals? That's something SAIF is trying to encourage.

Here are some of the ways SAIF says the workplace can help encourage employee's healthy habits:

  • Providing refrigerators and microwaves in break rooms so workers can bring healthy food from home. Reduce or eliminate junk food in vending machines and subsidize healthy choices.

  • Make sure schedules are flexible and staffing is adequate to allow for quick walking breaks or a workout during the day. Schedule walking meetings.

  • Support employee engagement by promoting a sense of purpose and autonomy, providing opportunities for learning and new experiences and letting employees know they are valued.

    The workplace is only a part of keeping the resolution train going. For the personal challenges (of which are many) you need remain focused. According to the American Psychological Association, one tip they list is to start small and to not focus on more than one aspect at once. Instead of trying to run a marathon right away, work your way up. Do some 5ks, then a 10k.

    The internet is filled with information on how to keep striving for your goals. So be the person who doesn't participate in Quitter's Day. This is one holiday that pays to be too cool for.

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