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Jeff Hunt, Spork

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Jeff Hunt likes pork. So much so, that Spork, a food cart turned proper restaurant, purposefully includes a reference to the swine.

"It's a delicious animal and super versatile," says Hunt. "There's a lot you can do with it."

Bend already has an impressive and diverse food scene—a successful diversity bolstered both by supportive and curious locals, as well as the steady traffic of tourists.

Hunt, though, says he is always looking to broaden what is being offered, whether exploring a new food trend or just some whimsical culinary dream he's had. That sort of creativity helped Spork gain popularity as a food cart, and helped bridge its move into a full-time, storefront restaurant last year (not to mention a review in the New York Times).

"Working out of the trailer really aided us in being able to adapt quickly and do a lot with very limited resources," he explains. "The food we're doing, which is all over the place, works pretty naturally."

Hunts says that he still is just looking to get away with "trying funkier things."

"We've always tried to push the culinary scene in Bend and see what we could get away with," he explains. And, with a recent month-long trip to Thailand, who knows what's going to show up on the specials board next.

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