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Jesus Bashing

Steven Humphrey's tongue in cheek (hoof in mouth) tirade bashing Jesus in this week's Source makes me wonder if he really is a) as stupid



Steven Humphrey's tongue in cheek (hoof in mouth) tirade bashing Jesus in this week's Source makes me wonder if he really is a) as stupid and uneducated as he writes, b) masquerading as a no-talent writer wannabee, or c) really has no talent as a writer.

Anyway, I'm sure he has never heard of St. Augustine or his book City of God, in which Augustine makes the argument that Rome became a great nation for one reason only - because God allowed it. The same case can be made for the U.S.; We became a great nation because God allowed it. This nation was built upon the foundations of belief and trust in God, as evidenced in the words used on our currency (In God We Trust), in the Pledge of Allegiance, (One Nation Under God), in documents like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, etc.

In his article (?) Humphrey displays the type of mindset that makes it, sadly, all to easy to understand why this nation has been degenerating into a third world country. Surely he can grasp that Christmas and Easter have been celebrated for thousands of years in honor of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So Mr. Humphrey, dude, why not do us all (and yourself) a great favor by seeking employment where you don't have to rely on your non-existent writing skills to puff you up and start resigning yourself to the fact that millions of people around the world will continue to celebrate the two most significant events in the history of mankind (the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ), in spite of how guilty it makes you feel while you are busy pursuing whatever inane activities you need to conjure up to celebrate those wonderful days in your own special way.

But there is yet hope, because, regardless of the depths of mindless befuddlement to which you should find yourself descended, just remember: JESUS LOVES YOU TOO.

Mike Epstein

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