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Jäger Shots for 21-Year-Olds Everywhere!



The 21st birthday is the only occasion when even teetotalers hand their kids a 50-dollar bill and tell them to have the time of their lives. It's a day that most 21-year-olds have only a vague memory of, usually only because of a faint facial scar or a fake tooth they acquired during the celebration. It is the last rite of passage for adults in this country and definitely the most celebrated. Now you can drive, vote and drink in a bar. The freshly minted 21-year-old is fearless, with bright eyes and a shit-eating grin that screams: "I'm 21 and ready to take over the world!"

First order of business is to ensure you don't have to talk the entire night. I've never seen the guest of honor without a best friend latched to one elbow screaming out: "Jäger Shot! It's his 21st birthday!" It is a little-known fact that the birthday boy or girl should only nod the entire night.

Second order of business is to make sure you request your free shot of the evening, which, depending on your level of drunkenness, can range from a straight shot of sparkling water to a vomit-defying combination of Jägermeister, 151, ULLR and Rumplemintz.

Last but not least: ensure that you are the life of the party, which will be easy as you have a new sense of self-assurance that establishes you as the focal point of every dance circle, center of conversation with everyone laughing at your witticisms and a highlight for those who gander at you from a far.

And then, just like that, midnight hits and you are just like everyone else in the bar.

Cheers! Might everyone take a moment and enjoy a drink in honor of the first day they got to go to the bar.

Numero 21
2 ounces of Jäger in 1 shot glass.

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