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Joe Biden + Eight Gallons of Ketchup



Earlier this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden was excessively photographed during a shopping spree at the grand opening of Washington DC's first Costco. Co-founder of the discount chain, James D. Sinegal, is a major Obama contributor so I imagine that has something to do with Biden’s media heavy appearance.

Biden_at_costco.jpgI'll take all of these dog beds. Photo by Doug Mills/The New York Times

The New York Times practically live tweeted his entire visit, updating their story with a list of items the VP loaded into his over-sized cart, including “a dozen children’s books, a big apple pie,[which makes sense as there are no normal sized apple pies at Costco] fire logs and a 32-inch Panasonic TV”. They also posted the above photo above of the Bulldog munching on a free sample as he shopped.

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