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John Day Takes On the Fourth Reich



The circus might be coming to town in John Day, and people in John Day don’t like it.

According to reports in the local weekly paper, the Blue Mountain Eagle, the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations group is looking to relocate from Athol in northern Idaho and has been scoping out John Day as a likely new home base. The self-described national director of the Aryans, Paul R. Mullet (honest, that’s his name) was in town last week “looking at property to buy for a new ‘national compound,’” according to the Eagle.

As extreme racist groups go, the Aryan Nations are the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe.  Their website, proudly emblazoned with the eagle-and-swastika motif of Hitler’s Third Reich, describes the group as “a worldwide Pan-Aryan crusade dedicated to the preservation and advancement of our Race” and calls for establishment of a “Fourth Reich” in which the “Aryans” will have their own country – no blacks, Jews or Hispanics allowed.

Under the headline “The Coming Civil War!” is the following drool:

“If you notice at all times, anytime there is truth starting to surface relating to any and all crimes and/or the increase of crimes, the Whites and/or their organizations are always targeted as the problem by the Jews and the liberal communist press, politicians, and educators.  You can also throw the religious element into that pot of communist soup also.

“This could be no further from the truth as to what reality is in the United States.  Black on White crime is hitting the ceiling.  But of course, unless Whitey just bows down and allows the Blacks and/or the Mexicans to murder, maim, rape, or just rob them ...... then Whitey is the problem.

Well, WHITEY is waking up to the Jew conspiracy bullshit that has been thrown into the face of all Whites for quite some time … ”

There’s a lot more in the same moronic vein, but you get the drift.

The wackos are attracted to John Day because of its remoteness, cheap real estate and “proximity to the mountains for survival training,” Mullet told the Eagle.

“Mullet, wearing a uniform shirt with a swastika patch on it, said the group's goal is to create a homeland for white people.

“‘That area is the Pacific Northwest,’ he said. ‘The blacks have Africa, the Jews have Israel …’”

Mullet said he also thought the John Day area would be a great spot for a national convention. But the residents of John Day and the surrounding area are not eager to welcome the freak show.

A bunch of the locals picketed on the town’s main street last Saturday, and the Eagle is planning to bring in a couple of national experts for two community meetings on Friday “to answer concerns” aroused by Mullet’s visit.

The people of Grant County deserve a salute for standing up to the hatemongers, but they could use some help from the rest of us. It wouldn’t hurt for a few people from the Bend area to turn out at Friday’s meetings to show solidarity.

And the state legislature needs to pass a resolution telling the “Aryans” that they and their toxic doctrines are not welcome here, so if they’re looking for a new home they can keep goose-stepping west all the way through Oregon until they drown in the Pacific Ocean.


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