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Johnny McVenture, IN BEND



Johnny McVenture (pictured below) loves winter. More than that, he loves DOING STUFF in winter.

McVenture, tireless in his quest for Oregon's best, has traveled all over the state in search of the most exciting, action-packed and scenic winter activities. From Nordic skiing in Central Oregon to hot springing near Toketee Falls, to beer drinking in Enterprise, McVenture has proved he really knows how to pack it in when the snow starts to fly. You'll notice he skipped the Willamette Valley. That's because in the winter it's cold and rainy over there and he doesn't like cold rain.

Because McVenture suspected that you might need inspiration, he has agreed to let us share his trip.

Enjoy, but pace yourself. McVenture is a cartoon and fatigue means nothing to him.

Get Smart! New to backcountry skiing and splitboarding? Take a free class and learn how to skin, what to bring and where not to go. Check the Pine Mountain Sports events page and register for a class by phone.

Get it here: Pine Mountain Sports (541-385-8080,

Get Fit! Your boots, that is. You'll be spending a long time in those pieces of plastic—you'll want to make sure they're comfy. At Crow's Feet Commons, you can enjoy a beer or coffee while owner and ski tech David Marchi walks you through the process.

Get it here: Crow's Feet Commons (541-728-0066 and on Facebook).

Winter Warmer Before heading out into Oregon's frosty wilds, pick up a bottle of 80 proof C.W. Irwin Straight Bourbon from Oregon Spirit Distillers.

Get it here: Giorgio's West Bend Liquor (541-312-2229) and East Bend Liquor ( SW

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