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Juice Whisperers

Tasty, healthy choices



In an age when it's becoming more important to "treat yourself" with massages, retail therapy, or an occasional long spa day, it's time that treating your body and mind well comes into play, too. Often that gets overlooked, or rather buried beneath sugary desserts or greasy snacks. One company here in Central Oregon is trying to make it part of everyday life. The Juice Counter is a small-functioning business that produces a huge benefit to individual health. Started up just a few months ago, Manya Williams and Phyllis Swindells knew that the old saying, "You are what you eat," or in this case, drink, to be absolute truth. Separately, each had her own lows, her own time and reason that brought each to a breaking point where something needed to change. Both having had a formal education in health and nutrition, they knew the correlation between what you put in and what you get out. Williams and Swindells began to use juicing as their remedy and almost immediately could feel the difference in their everyday being. This was something that they felt they needed not only to share, but also to make more accessible to the masses. Cue: The Juice Counter.

There is a lot of information out there. A lot, like seriously, A LOT. Swindells admits that having so much information and options, "...can be very intimidating; people just don't know where to start, it's overwhelming." Thankfully, The Juice Counter and its founders did most of the leg-work so the Internet can be once again used for its intended purpose: cat videos. After researching their options, they found a method of extraction that spoke to them that would optimize the nutrients from their (mostly) local and organic produce through a process called "cold press," which does not introduce oxygen, therefore maintaining the integrity of each nutrient. Think "more bang for the buck," but with vitamins and minerals. Each 16-ounce portion gets put in glass containers, because to these ladies sustainable health goes hand-in-hand with a sustainable Earth. "Know the source," says Williams. "The source matters." Indeed, it does.

Although a five-day juice cleanse is recommended seasonally, this detox-driven company sells by the tasty bottle, making an occasional juice for the beginner easy to get on the go. "Do what works for you," says Williams. "There is no failing in juicing," she says. The Juice Counter wants to make healthy choices and a healthier life more convenient, and with its new store located off 1st Street and a juice and plant-based food truck. There is also free delivery for those participating in a cleanse, not to mention a variety of delicious flavors to choose from. For more information, visit their locations or find them online: www.juicecounter.com.

The Juice Counter

1201 NE Second St., Bend

Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sunday, noon-5:00 p.m.

Plant Based Food & Juice Trailer

130 SW Century Dr., Bend

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