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Juniper Ridge Alphabet Soup

Burned once with MOUs, shame on Bend; burned twice, shame on us! Our city quickly turns MOUs (memos of understanding) into IOUs worth millions of


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Burned once with MOUs, shame on Bend; burned twice, shame on us! Our city quickly turns MOUs (memos of understanding) into IOUs worth millions of taxpayer money to the beneficiary while we're left "holding the bag." Is the Park District planning to sue Bend for nonperformance like everyone else? Or has the Park District accurately determined that Juniper Ridge is DOA(dead on arrival), which eliminates the need for massive spending on swings and slides in the desert?

Taxpayers desperately need an extended LOA (leave of absence) from this fiasco called Juniper Ridge. The negative ROI (return on investment) could bury our town, not to mention the loss of 1,500 acres of valuable land.

After liquidators announce a giant auction at Juniper Ridge, we could well see KOA and giant mobile home parks replace this pig in a poke. On second thought, a few thousand trailers might beat whatever is hidden in the master plan that Bend doesn't own.

The group of politicians who created this monster will be MIA (long gone) when Juniper Ridge slams into a wall of insolvency (if it hasn't already). Taxpayers will be SOL (down the river), drowning in debt, and wondering why.

Here's a novel idea: Why doesn't Bend create an MOU with taxpayers that once total net spending at Juniper Ridge exceeds $20 million, (are we there yet?) an absolute moratorium will be executed until revenues make the project self-sufficient. Don't hold your breath!

It's far past time for Juniper Ridge to RIP! Forget the master plan; it's a giant boondoggle anyway. We need to sever relationships with Jeff & Ray immediately if not sooner, cut our losses, and take our licks even if that means no Les Schwab.

We have some reputable local developers who may be willing to purchase large tracts from the city so that taxpayers can be repaid, and this whole mess can be privatized. It can't happen soon enough!

Scott Siewert, Bend

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