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Keep Swampy Request in Perspective



In response to Rosalind O'Donoghue's "Don't Let Swampy Go to the Dogs," she makes it sound like ALL of Swampy Lakes will be taken over by skiers with dogs and that you'll need to carry a pooper scooper if DogPac gets its way.


DogPac only wants access to a small part (approximately one-fifth) of Swampy for groomed skate and classic skiing with your dog. For those skiers who want to ski without seeing dogs on groomed trails, they still have four-fifths of Swampy PLUS all of the area between Bachelor and Todd Lake, and all the way up to Broken Top and back to Swampy!

The parking lot at Swampy is underutilized and can easily be segregated for dogs and non-dogs by the existing trees that divide the lot. The Central Oregon Nordic Club members wouldn't even have to see a dog (or carry a pooper scooper) if they didn't want to.

The only thing DogPac wants is a good place to ski with your dog, non-motorized, and reasonably close to town. Period. Swampy is a really good solution.

- Greg Evans, Bend

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