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Keep Your Mouth Shut

I have been an avid Source reader for the five years I have lived in Bend, but after reading your WTF article on the Pit



I have been an avid Source reader for the five years I have lived in Bend, but after reading your WTF article on the Pit Bull ban in Oregon I won't be picking up your paper any longer.

Since you stated that no one in your office owns a Pit Bull I think your statements were incredibly ignorant. I have been a Pit Bull owner for the past 8 years (previously owning primarily cattle dogs) and also a dog groomer in the past, and (I) have not encountered a "kid-face tearing Pit Bull" that your article referred to. My dogs have all been kind and loving and really love kids, as are the other Pit Bulls I have encountered.

The breed requires a responsible dog owner (don't they all though??), and unfortunately ends up attracting the most irresponsible dog owners most of the time who give all of us responsible Pit owners a bad name.

The media makes a huge deal every time a supposed Pit Bull or Pit mix (I say supposed because there are many breeds mistaken for Pit Bulls) makes a wrong move. Do you ever hear about the Cocker Spaniel (which has been the breed on top of the most reported bites list in the past) that bites a kid? No you don't, because no one makes a big deal of a dog bite unless a Pit Bull is involved.

The people who think it's a status symbol to have a "tuff dog" and are irresponsible with them make a bad name for all of us. I'm a business skirt, suit-wearing professional that also trains horses, so I'm probably one of the last people you would expect to see walking two large Pit Bulls. But as a single woman who lives alone, I don't mind saying I feel secure with my Pit's sleeping with me at night, especially in a town with a growing number of home break ins. Point of the story: bashing a person's choice of dog breed (especially when you have never ever owned (a Pit Bull) is like bashing a person's choice in coffee when you have never even drank a cup. Think twice before bashing another person's choice.

Pit Bull Lover

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