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Keeping Occupied

Thoughts on a one-sided occupy movement.



A few months ago, when Occupy Wall Street came to Bend, I invited many of my conservative friends to participate along with my liberal friends. Very few conservatives accepted. Most gave their reasons for declining as political, even as I assured them that this was not a political movement. If anything, it was anti-politics. I said that Occupy Bend was about gaining economic sustainability and fairness for all.

I was wrong.

It saddens me that my observations and predictions about Occupy Bend have been confirmed. The Democratic Party organized the protest in front of Walden's office Monday, and called it OCCUPY, and I have heard no voice within protesting this new ownership.

The tea party let themselves be co-opted by the Republicans. Now, apparently, Occupy Bend has sold out to the Democrats. THE DEMS ARE JUST AS GUILTY as the Republicans for destroying this economy and stealing our prosperity. They voted to fund the wars. They voted to borrow for the bailouts. They voted to raise the debt ceiling another 2.4 TRILLION.

It's an amazing act of self delusion that allows some of us to believe that those that are looting our wealth for the gain of the 1 percent will stand up and be a champion of the truth and real economic solution.

If Occupy Bend does not speak out against this co-opting by the DEMS, then Occupy, like the tea party becomes part of the LIE, and part of the corruption, and the real movement of the people, by the people, will go underground, take a different form and name and move on without them.

- Ron Boozel, aka Rondo.

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