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KG's How to Rock Guide: The star of Trainwreck and Tenacious D is coming to town and has advice for your band


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There are only a few rock stars who can make a claim about how they want to pitch a television show about their band and be taken seriously. But Kyle Gass is one of those select few. First off, he's already been part of an act, Tenacious D, that was known for its TV series long before ever even releasing an album and secondly, his idea for his current band, Trainwreck is just crazy enough to work.

"So here's the deal. We tour around in a shitty wreckabago and we get mixed up in some crazy shenanigans and then we solve crime. Because, you know, you gotta have the Scoobie Doo element," says Gass, outlining the basis of the show (the theme song for which appears on the band's album) he actually pitched to studio execs.

OK, so the show wasn't picked up. But Gass and his shred-a-licious band, who stop off at the Mountain's Edge on Friday night, haven't given up on the crime-fighting rock band sitcom, even if it sounds like Gass is still fleshing out the details of the program. This is why he asks:

"Do you think we should actually be crime fighters posing as a band? I'm not sure. I think I like it better that we're a band that just does the crime solving on the side."

What the hell are you supposed to say to this? Gass is funny for a living, but he's asking someone in Bend, Oregon, for advice. So, it was only fair that we then, in turn, asked Gass for some advice for our local bands for this special annual issue. Well, turns out, the guy is a downright delight, not to mention a sage in the arena of rock star protocol, so he gladly entertained our questions.

So if you're in a local band, here are a few shiny nuggets of wisdom Gass would like to impart to you:

What should a band know before choosing a band name?

I would say to try and get in touch with me because I'm just awesome with band names. But be sure to be unique without being too complex. You'll think it's original, but there are probably already five bands in France that already have that name.

Can you give us a few sample band names?

Yes. Butterfly Conspiracy. Actually, I think anything with "conspiracy" in it is good. Use "conspiracy" in your band name and you'll find success.

What can bands do to improve your stage presence?

I would say try to just stare directly into audiences' eyes. Don't be shoe gazing and don't think your music is so important that you don't have to entertain. Oh, and just try desperately for a clap along song.

What should a band do that wants to tour?

Well, think long and hard about it. Are you popular in your hometown? Did you do enough reconnaissance before you hit the road?

Anything else they should know?

Yes. People of Bend, Oregon. Prepare yourself. Trainwreck is coming to your town. Lock up your daughters, don't tell your mothers. It's going to be a fandango. That's it.


9pm Friday, May 28. Mountain's Edge Bar, 61131 S. Hwy 97. $10.
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