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Kicking Off Summer Festival

Spencer Snyder and his one man project, One Mad Man, will start off this year's Summer Festival with a bang



One Mad Man plays one cool show this Saturday. - COURTESY SPENCER SNYDER
  • Courtesy Spencer Snyder
  • One Mad Man plays one cool show this Saturday.
Sure, we may have just celebrated the Fourth of July, but summer in Central Oregon doesn't truly start until Bend Summer Festival. This year in its return Summer Festival will be two days packed with live music this weekend. The first performer of the festival this year will be Bend's own One Mad Man—a groovy one-man project helmed by Spencer Snyder.

At the beginning of the year Snyder released his third album, the 14-track "Be Well." The project is an excellent showcase of how playful Snyder can be switching between styles and sounds. It's his versatility that makes One Mad Man shows a true treat, which is why I suggest showing up early on Saturday to witness it in person.

Read our Q&A with Snyder to learn a little about the mind behind One Mad Man ahead of his show at Summer Festival.

Source Weekly: It's been six months since you released "Be Well." Looking back at the project, what are you most proud of about that record?

Spencer Snyder: I'm most proud of the diversity of genres and timbre used in the record. It really opens up the replay-ability.

SW: Do you find that what you're listening to at certain periods influences the music you make? Or do you seek out particular artists and sounds to help with an idea you're already working through?

SS: What I listen to can influence me. Many times I hear specific parts of a song that I like and conform it to fit into a song that I'm currently writing. For example, I may hear an arpeggio in a song that sounds great but I want to hear it played slowly over a different key. That sparks the beginning of a new song.

SW: To follow up on that, what have you been listening to lately? Can we expect any new music from you the rest of the year?

SS: Run the Jewels, Crystal Castles, '90s hip-hop. I'm planning on releasing another full-length this year, probably in three-four months!

SW: With your style of music I'm curious—do you usually write the lyrics first or do you build out the beat before you start writing?

SS: I very rarely write lyrics before I write the music. Vocals are the most recent instrument I've learned and probably the most difficult. That being said, I do write the lyrics first every now and again, which you will hear on the new record.

SW: I imagine putting on a one-man show like yours is a unique experience every time for both the crowd and you up on stage. Can you describe your relationship with live performance and how it makes you feel?

SS: Music is a very personal thing. Many musicians don't play live but I feel that if you have created something that brings you joy, that can resonate with others, then it is your duty to share that with the rest of the world. Playing live is the frosting on the chocolate cake for me—you can have it without but it's always better with.

SW: Are you excited to be playing Summer Festival this year after such a long pause between large gatherings? And what can people expect from your set?

SS: I've always wanted a chance to play Summerfest and am very grateful to be on the bill this year. As for the long pause, I feel reunited and it feels soooo good! Expect to unexpectedly move your body, expect new sounds with clever grooves and expect low end bass.

One Mad Man takes the Summer Festival stage at 11:30am-12:30pm, this Saturday in downtown Bend.

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