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Knocking the Poop Straight Out of the Park Every Week

A look at the weekly happenings from around the world.



Monday, Oct. 17

Popular with the home crowd: Poll finds 67 percent of New Yorkers agree with Occupy Wall Street protesters, including even 35 percent of Republicans ... Toke on this: Support for legalizing marijuana hits all-time high (pun intended) as Gallup poll shows 50 percent of Americans favor it, up from 46 percent last year ... Book now, avoid the rush: Virgin Galactic, space tourism venture of billionaire Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson, opens spaceport in Las Cruces, NM; tickets for suborbital flight to cost $200,000 per ... This is SO wrong: Sesame Street's YouTube channel back on line after somebody hacks it, puts up porn videos ... This is SO French: French police official Jean-Christophe Lagarde alleged to have flown prostitutes to NYC for Dominique Strauss-Kahn. What, there weren't enough hookers in New York?

Tuesday, Oct. 18

Occupy the country club: Crowd of 50 demonstrators descend on golf course in Orange County, CA, where GOP is holding annual Reagan Cup tournament, taunt House Speaker John Boehner ... President Obama says Tea Party "not that different" from Occupy Wall Street. Well, if you don't count the guns and the misspelled signs ... Hero's welcome: Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, freed after being held captive by Palestinians for five years, greeted by happy mob in hometown ... Kill your TV: American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for kids under 2, says they should interact with humans instead ... Just a confused kid: Catholic League of America rips Susan Sarandon for calling Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi. "The fact is that [the Pope] was conscripted at the age of 14 into the Hitler Youth, along with every other young German boy," league says ... Dark side of paradise: German yachtsman Stefan Harmin missing in French Polynesia; authorities fear he was eaten by cannibals.

Wednesday, Oct. 19

You're flat? Well, I can be just as flat as you are! GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry, trying to match rival Herman Cain's flat tax idea, says he has his own flat tax plan; details TBA ... Leopards and tigers and bears, oh my: 56 exotic animals, including leopards, Bengal tigers, bears, lions and wolves, roam Ohio countryside after owner Terry Thompson releases them, then shoots self ... Taking a big dump: Seven US solar panel manufacturers accuse China of violating trade rules by dumping products here, i.e., selling them below cost of manufacture ... Back to the future? DeLorean plans custom-made, all-electric version of its sports car; time-travel capabilities unknown ... Back to the pokey? Judge revokes Lindsay Lohan's probation for failing to perform community service; she could face prison sentence.

Thursday, Oct. 20

Time runs out: Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi killed as rebels swarm into last stronghold of Sirte ... His son Mutassim Qaddafi and son-in-law Abdullah Senussi reported also killed ... Bad call? Author of new Steve Jobs biography says Jobs delayed cancer surgery for nine months, chose acupuncture and diet instead ... Welcome our new robot overlords: Scientists at University of Pennsylvania invent robot that constructs itself, using foam ... What did he know and when did he know it? New evidence indicates James Murdoch knew phone hacking was common practice at News of the World ... Neatness counts: Michelle Bachmann says there's "180-degree difference" between Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, explaining, "The Tea Party picks up its trash after it has a demonstration" ... And it's incurable: Survey finds 20 percent of British women believe in disease called "man-flu" that makes men lie paralyzed on sofa watching TV sports.

Friday, Oct. 21

Home for the holidays, maybe: President Obama announces all US troops will be out of Iraq by end of this year, ending 10-year occupation ... Settling accounts: Rupert Murdoch's News International Corp. to pay $3.2 million to family of Milly Dowler, murdered schoolgirl whose phone it hacked ... Meanwhile, Rupert and James Murdoch re-elected to board despite phone hacking scandal ... It's now the 9-0-9 plan: Herman Cain, responding to criticism of "999" flat tax plan, says Americans below poverty line wouldn't have to pay income tax ... In case you were afraid you missed it: The Rapture did not happen, contrary to prediction by Harold Camping.

Saturday, Oct. 22

This is rather awkward: Goldman Sachs pulls out of fundraiser for Lower East Side People's Credit Union after learning Occupy Wall Streeters will be there ... Fitting right in: Folk legends Pete Seeger, 92, and Arlo Guthrie, 64, lead singalong for OWS demonstrators ... Getting lonely up north: Entire paid staff of Michelle Bachmann's New Hampshire campaign quits ... Assault with a dead weapon: Authorities in Texas hunting for man who allegedly attacked 57-year-old woman with a frozen armadillo ... Albert, Reggie and The Babe: Texas Rangers' Albert Pujols becomes third player in history to hit three homers in one World Series game, joining Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth.

Sunday, Oct. 23

Appropriate last resting place: Tens of thousands of Libyans celebrate death of Qaddafi; speaker at rally says he's been consigned to "the garbage bin of history" ... Meanwhile, Libyan authorities say they'll investigate his death ... Piling on the pork: McDonald's reintroduces popular McRib sandwich (which contains no ribs) ... Outrageous: Chinese police arrest two truck drivers who ran over 2-year-old, whose body lay in street ignored by passersby ... Outrageously dumb: Rick Perry indicates doubts about Obama's birth, says he had dinner with Donald Trump and Trump doesn't think Obama's birth certificate is real.

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