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Kozak Is the Logical Alternative



Mike Kozak is the most capable candidate running; the one who makes the most sense; the one with the proven track record. As mayor of Bend, his applied vision set the track for most of the things we now cherish about our community.

However well intentioned, Jason Conger's radical right-wing fundamentalism overshadows reason. Every time we vote for his path back to the traditional values he espouses, the closer we come to traditional society: .1 percent lords, 99.9 percent serfs. Please, quit knee jerking and read history. Right-wing values, in function, eliminate the middle class that is the bulk of everything "American."

Religious beliefs are cherished, protected here - and with reason - disallowed in American government. Kozak blends good business, good politics, conscience, with an absence of malice, an absence of partisanship.

Kozak's vision, heart and pragmatism, his intelligence and selflessness will serve us best. He is the only one of the three candidates who can be effective, not polarizing, in Salem.

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