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Late To The Party; Here's My Best Music of 2011

As a [BENT] Contributor for all things musical, I figured I better get a post up about my Top 100 albums and favorite live music from 2011. (before I turn into a pumpkin)



Seems like it was just yesterday I was proclaiming Anais Mitchell's album Hadestown, the best album of 2010 (and believe me... it truly was), yet here I am, finally finished with my list of the top 100 albums from 2011. Boy this year has flown by! So what did I learn in 2011? That a lot of artists jump from project to project pretty easily. Whether it was Channy Casselle of Roma Di Luna, quickly forming Polica and then releasing that band's debut album Give You The Ghost, nearly two months early (their website still claims it will be released in February) or Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear releasing his solo effort Dreams Come True under the moniker CANT,... 2011 definitely had its share of multi-contributing artists carving out new paths for themselves.
But when it was all said and done... which albums did I think were the best of the best? (Well, best of the ones I own). You can find out by reading my Top 100 Albums of 2011 post! (It includes a Spotify playlist for those of you who have joined the online streaming movement)
Additionally, after seeing over 130 different bands perform this year, I've also got some favorite live music moments from 2011 to share; including a ranking of the best 20 performances along with my most memorable photo rolls. (some of which happened right here in Bend)

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