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Let Them Eat Something Besides Cake

Some weddings 'just say no' to fondant



When my husband and I were planning our wedding, he kept mentioning to people that we might have doughnuts instead of cake. I thought he was trying to be a little over the top or different (he has a habit of that...) but it turned that he was not joking at all and was extremely stoked about the idea of having hundreds of doughnuts instead of a three-tiered cake.

Yes, you can even do the classic "cake cutting" when serving donuts at your wedding. - RUSSELL CHANDLER
  • Russell Chandler
  • Yes, you can even do the classic "cake cutting" when serving donuts at your wedding.

We aren't the only people who find the idea of a cake covered in waxy fondant unappetizing, but going a non-traditional route doesn't mean you have to skip the fun of cake tasting!

Ahead of our wedding, we made a list of the doughnut shops in Bend and slowly visited each one, ordering a maple bar and chocolate bar at each place to keep our taste testing consistent. Ultimately, we chose Delish Donuts because I could almost smell the donuts from my car as I drove by. If you go the doughnut route, also consider The Dough Nut, which makes both gluten-free and vegan doughnuts. The vegan options meant that our best man, who has an egg and dairy allergy, got to try the first doughnuts of his life when I ordered the remaining doughnuts for our wedding.

If wedding cake doesn't appeal to you either, there are other options for sweet treats to serve to your guests.

Married person tip: the business you choose doesn't have to specialize in wedding-related baking, and sometimes it can be cheaper if they don't.

  • Russell Chandler


If you like flaky crust, warm fruit and the perfect vehicle for vanilla ice cream, pie might be a good choice for you. Nancy P's Cafe and Bakery has 13 different options and takes custom orders, which makes it even simpler. Choose from a variety of fruit pies, custard pies (pumpkin or key lime) or get a nut-filled pie (coconut or pecan). This option gives you lots of options and something that seems normal to cut if you want that classic photo. (We did cut a half maple, half chocolate bar—but really, doughnuts are meant to inhale, not slice in half.)

Ice cream sundae bar

An outdoor summer wedding might make this option a little more challenging, but anything is possible with a freezer handy. Local businesses including Bontà Natural Artisan Gelato or Goody's Chocolates & Ice Cream mean you can offer some really good ice cream. If you want to go the DIY route and simply cover it all with whipped cream, sprinkles and maraschino cherries, you can also buy many gallons of vanilla at the grocery store.


Maybe you love cake but prefer it in a more bite-sized option. If this is you, options include Ida's Cupcake Café, Cake Lady, Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen and Dreamin' Desserts. Many locations allow you to choose between mini cupcakes or a bigger option—or both if you want to go all out. If you're indecisive, Ida's, for one, offers 100 different flavors. Just save a lot of time for the tasting.

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