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Letters 1/13-1/20


In Reply to Smoke Signals (Jan. 7)

The Smoke Signals column of January 7, 2016 by Steve Holmes provided refreshing insight. As an active participant in the Bend Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) legislative process beginning in 2011, the term Canna-phobic was spot-on. Multiple BPRD Boards and Media Organizations have ignored my public input and ideas regarding Mirror Pond, OSU-Cascades, the Simpson Pavilion, wildlife management and alternative Recreation. Is it because of cannabis use, religious orientation (Jewish) or representation of a minority viewpoint? BPRD did gas 109 Geese in 2010. Any which way, my Public Record proves the statement; Horton ignored a Who! Discrimination takes many forms.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Pro Ecclesia et Patria...

Justin L. Gottlieb

Troy Field is for the People (Dec.9)

Troy Field is a community resource to serve all the community not just the privileged few who want to privatize our commons for their profit. Common areas open to all is a fundamental to democracy. We are fortunate to have two common democratic spaces in downtown Bend: Troy Field and the Bend Public Library.

The claim that the Bend School District needs to sell Troy field, our resource, is simply an attempt to justify austerity for citizens and enrichment for the wealthy. Much more politically expedient than taxing the rich, of course.

Did anyone consider using Troy Field for affordable housing or building a shelter with toilets and water for the homeless or a tent city for the homeless? Any community that can afford a triple by-pass (twice!) on the river and an ice skating rink for the privileged can certainly afford to fund public education.What next...privatize the schools and library? Austerity and privatization to enrich the wealthy?

- Sue Bastian


Just picked a copy of the Park and Rec "Playbook" and flipped to the "Whitewater Park" section. The FAQs remind me of that typical political ploy where a plant in the audience tosses up softball/cupcake questions... "Madam candidate, what is your position on puppies and kittens?" The question, "Why are there rapids in the passageway channel?" should read, "Why the hell are there rocks in the channel formerly known as the 'safe passage channel'?" And when was this "fish ladder" function added? What self-respecting fish needs a ladder to gain about 15ft. elevation over the length of a football field? And when did this project morph into the exclusive playground of kayakers? Last time I looked, warm weather brings out ten times as many people on tubes and standup paddle boards as kayaks.

Here's my take away on this (and if I'm wrong, I apologize), under the current plan, floaters and standup paddlers will still have to use that narrow, jammed with people take out upstream of the bridge (complete with submerged ankle-busters) and lug their gear even farther downstream to clear the park – or – if you're on a tube, risk a bruised tailbone, if you're on an SUP, risk a snapped fin and a header into a rock... great idea!

How about this, why not split that channel in half with a line of rope buoys. Take out the rocks on the shore side so floaters and paddlers can navigate safely. Leave the rocks on the other side for kayaks and fish that prefer climbing ladders.

—Walt Tomsic


I am not exactly sure which remark you felt was racist, please expound upon this. The only letter I wrote around 12/24/15 was in response to "affordable housing," there was no mention of keeping certain races out of Bend and in fact, the only comment(s) reflecting race were "Bend's population is mostly white affluent people." This statement is not racist, just factual, look up Bend's demographics. 

I don't think the editors would have printed my letter if it were racist in any manner.

—Brent Howk

IN REPLY TO EMILY WOODWORTH'S RESPONSE TO "Top Theatre Performances in 2015" (12/30)

I appreciate the Source and Emily Woodworth for publishing a letter regarding a "featured article" that certainly needed to be addressed. The community is better served when everyone is fairly covered without bias. Kudos to the Source Weekly and Emily for noting the rather large exclusions in the story. Excluding The Tower and VTP from the live theatre scene is much like excluding Deschutes and Boneyard from the brewery scene.

—Derek Sitter


Kinda tacky how the author uses carefully selected relative reasoning to attempt to lighten or justify the art of burlesque. Is that really necessary? I had to devote myself to reading the entire article just so I could see WTH it was really about. A performance. Let's stop pointing fingers and just report what is new.

—Makulu Danno

In response to "Source Gives Voice to Racisim" 1/7/16

Setting aside the writers' intolerance for the ramifications of the First Amendment, a better example of irony would be hard to find.

To lodge a concern regarding a lack of cultural diversity in Bend in a publication packed full of so many diverse events is completely at odds with reality. Bend has a broad range of cultural forms from which to peruse; we do a lot with what we have. Our ethnicity is largely Caucasian but our culture reflects a much larger picture and is very inclusive and tolerant.

People should not equate a dearth of large concentrations of ethnic populations in Bend with a lack of cultural diversity. Furthermore, I would ask if there is another community in Oregon the size of Bend that is more culturally diverse. Food for thought.

-Martin Adler 


There is a shortage of long term RV spaces in CO and especially in Bend. Monthly rates keep rising and, to add insult to injury, there's now a 9 percent lodging tax even for long term space rental. It's like a double tax because the park owner is already paying property tax. In the summer some parks are charging $1200+ per month plus electric. Tiny homes won't work in CO without major code changes. Last I heard Bend might embrace tiny home developments. I'm sure they will sell but it kind of misses the point of the movement. If you really want to see tiny homes in Bend it will require major changes in political thinking and then complicated code changes so the movement aspect can work. I don't see Bend embracing that because it doesn't generate enough money in fees.

—Carol Smith

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