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Letters 11/9-11/16

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Trapping Doesn't Make You Credible

In Jim Anderson's article on "Killing Wildlife for Fun," he describes himself as a hunter and trapper before stating his case against sport killing animals for fun. I understand the tactic of presenting yourself as "one of them" but let's be very clear: trapping is one of the most vile, cruel and barbaric activities men have ever conjured up. It is heartbreaking to know that it is still legal in the United States (it's banned in more than one hundred more progressive countries) not only because we live in an age of extinction but simply for the horrific way the victims suffer. It's high time promoting this as being anywhere close to acceptable is exposed for what it is—ignorant perpetuation of a crime that should not be tolerated by anyone with an ounce of compassion. Jim, you have been writing these articles for years. When are you going to wake up?

—Vanessa Schulz

Post Election

Recently, Joe Biden stated that he wanted to the Donald back behind the woodshed, and yesterday The Donald says he would love to fight Joe Biden.

So here's a natural fund raising opportunity. Gloves and headgear could be strapped on and they could swing away at each other. Surely a network could be found to broadcast Fisticuffs for Finances. Ads could be sold, and tickets sold, like a benefit rock concert. Proceeds would go to reduce the National Debt. Millions would tune in. It would be huge!

—Ted Suen

Ted—So long as that battle royale is broadcast on one of the free digital channels my house gets, I would definitely be tuning in. In the meantime, come on down and grab your gift card to Palate!

—Nicole Vulcan, Editor


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