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Evolution of Profanity

It's been interesting to experience the evolution of profanity over the past 20-25 years. Although I am middle-aged and hanging onto the last vestiges of youth, I actually remember a time when even bar patrons would sometimes be reprimanded for profanity of a harsher nature, mostly the F-bomb. Today, such an occurrence would be quite unusual, perhaps laughable. Makes me wonder where we might be in ten to twenty years. I predict that within ten years, the F-bomb will be as commonplace as "damn," "hell" or "shit;" and within twenty years be on par with "heck," "shoot," "darn it" or "dang it." Picture little Tommy using a phrase like "Hi grandma, how the f$#k are ya?" or Tommy's teacher saying, "F$#k, Tommy, make sure you clean up your desk before you leave." And maybe you think we are already at that stage, but I mean as a generally accepted practice in society, not at the Westside Tavern. Anyway, I'm kind of hoping Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas aren't replaced with "Happy f-ing Thanksgiving" and "Merry f-ing Christmas." Just doesn't have the same ring to it.

—Jo Jo the dog-faced boy

Appalled at the recycling center

I just want to vent my frustration at the recycling center this Saturday. I run my own business and accumulate lots of card board, Styrofoam, old TVs and electronics...I try to do my part and recycle and not throw toxic waste into our landfills...After following my competitor to the recycling center I was shocked to see all the card board, electronic parts, speakers that he just threw away instead of taking the time to sort thru it...Then right next to me was a lady dumping her cardboard from the pottery barn that was neatly broke down, she just threw in the dump instead of taking the 2 minutes to stop by the recycling center and throwing it in the dumpster...

The worker that was on duty gave me a high five on how well I had broke down my cardboard and separated the Styrofoam, electronics to be taken to the recycler. He says he sees this all the time and is shocked by folks that don't care about our environment and spend more money dumping their trash...C'mon folks, it just takes a little effort.

—Frustrated at the dump.........

In reply to "The Plot Thickens," (News, 11/28)

STOP the madness! In the late '60s/early 1970, Ore. passed the "save our shores" legislation that prohibits private parties from owning public waterfront. Bill Smith et al have screwed Central OR long enough...Pacific Power (formerly Enron) should incur ALL costs for demolishing the damn dam and let the river flow. Don't you dare transfer costs to ratepayers or taxpayers.


I'm with Iris, destroy it and let the river flow. I'm sure that Smith & Taylor have some kind of slippery agenda...


Nice article, James. "Anyone want this thing?" Keep in mind that the same people who bought a fleet of broken down buses are the ones looking to buy the dam.

—Spencer Dahl

In reply to "Pacific Power is Done With Dam," (Bent, 11/25)

Maybe I do not fully understand what is going on here, but please please please don't take away Mirror Pond!!! Visiting Drake Park without the Pond would take away this blissful retreat for so many and for the visitors of Bend. I was so taken with Drake Park and Mirror Pond when I first moved to Bend. It is truly Bend's Gem!


Human transformation of the Deschutes has biologically bifurcated the upper and middle sections of the watershed. State law requires that any renovation of the dam include the construction of a fish passage—which, alone, would cost between $1.5 and 2 million.

The drastically fluctuating outflows from the upstream Wickiup Reservoir play havoc with the river and account for streambank erosion and phenomena such as the recent massive fish kills. I think that everything we do from now on should aim at restoring the river and making the watershed whole. If this means thwarting the plans of developers to create Themepark Bend, then so be it. Recent studies on dam demolition suggest that the channel downstream from the Pacific Power dam would NOT be suddenly inundated with sediment if it is removed. As always, and as recently editorialized by the Bulletin, I believe the question of the fate of Mirror Pond should be decided in a referendum. I have faith that the voters—particularly the younger citizens of Bend—will make the right decision.

—Foster Fell

I so hope that they restore the river to its wild, healthy state.


Members of Summer Dogs on the Deschutes River Trail have collected 500 signatures on a petition to the Deschutes National Forest, requesting expansion of the length of trail that is legal for off-leash dogs during May 15 to September 15. This is a win-win-win proposal. Hikers, mountainbikers, and horseback riders with off-leash dogs would have access to more than the one mile of trail that is now legally accessible during the summer. This would reduce illegal off-leash use of the portion of trail that would still be restricted, which could be used by people who wish to avoid off-leash dogs. USFS personnel would have better ability to enforce the leash restriction on the reduced portion of trail that would remain restricted. SDDRT members point out that there have been few, if any, problems on the one mile of the DRT that is now accessible for year-round off-leash use. We are asking the USFS to lengthen the off-leash accessible section of trail by May 15, 2014.

—Crusader Dogue

My question is: If the McKay family claims to own it, have they been paying the property tax bill that should have been associated with it over the last 100 years? Seems to me, whoever buys the "land" will also inherit one really big bill...

— Property Tax

Letter of the Week!

Dear Property Taxes: Great point! To help you enjoy the view on the money pit­—er, we mean, Mirror Pond—swing by our offices to pick up your $5 certificate to Crow's Feet Commons.

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