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Letters 1/22—1/30


Re.: "the Lust Issue Survey" (1/24)

Why? Why must you publish this Lust List issue again? Many times have I heard attractive, smart-as-hell women say "I hope they don't vote for me!  It's offensive and ridiculous. I'd be so embarrassed!" I know 4 women and 3 men who mentioned they hated making the list!  I'm a pretty down to earth chick. I'm not the kind of feminist who hates men. Not in the least! But this is just offensive and honestly, it's laughable.   You have an amazing opportunity to help create conversations that are thoughtful, interesting, funny, cool-as-shit and honest. Adding this kind of crap completely devalues your publication.  Knock it off! Get back to what you do best; calling out the BS, making us laugh, informing about important issues the Bulletin overlooks, and being rad. And by rad, I mean not being douchebags.  M'kay? M'kay.


RE.: "What's next, Jet Packs?" (Local News, 1/16)

This plan is insane and clearly designed by people who have either just moved here or are out-of-towners. We have this thing called winter here. If you think there is some critical mass of folks who are just chomping at the bit to swap their comfy, warm car for a cold/unsafe bike ride, you are nuts. Several of my friends "downsized" their vehicles to Vespas while that was trendy in 2007-2009. Did any of them keep them after their first winter use? Not a one. Also, if this is meant to happen and truly supported by a majority of the community, it will happen through organic means; not pushed by those clearly carrying an agenda. I personally can't think of a better way to spur the break-up of Bend into distinct parts with distinctly different values. If this cultural division proceeds apace as I foresee, I will not be surprised to see an East Bend and West Bend government 20 years hence.


I encourage you to visit Missoula, MT, or Minneapolis, MN, in the winter. You will find them both crawling with bicycle commuters of wide age ranges all year long: rain, snow, cold, all taken in stride. As a long-time bike commuter in Portland and a relative newbie to it in Bend, 3rd Avenue is currently an unavoidable danger/deterrent/obstacle on my daily commute. With built-in safe passages around town, I think we would all be surprised at how many two-wheeled commuters emerge. As a simple and much cheaper proposal, I would suggest a pedestrian/cyclist overpass at Neff or Greenwood.

If anyone lives within 5 miles of their work, try bike commuting on for size for one good month (perhaps start in the summer), you may be surprised at the benefits (saves $$$, mental health, physical health, energy during the day, etc.).


RE.: "No Float Summer" (Local News, 1/23)

The float from Colorado to Galveston will be fine during irrigation level flows. This is just fear mongering by Chudowsky against restoring the river.


Mirror Pond will be full again by April 20, likely before (even without Councilor Chudowsky adding sheet metal to the backside of the dam). Here's my prediction: "More people will use Mirror Pond this summer than ever before."

—Spencer Dahl

Chudowsky wants to put a band-aid on a structure that is structurally failing from the inside. This is why the City of Bend should not own a dam.


RE.: "It's Tasting Better Out East" (Dining, 1/23)

I am happy to have a Baldy's on this side, and the Phoenix passes muster as a decent place for a meal and a drink, but Worthy is the absolute best thing to happen to east side food since I've been in the area. I've dined (and imbibed) at Worthy on several occasions now, and I can tell you it's been superb every time. I can't say the same thing for any other brewpub in town, save 10 Barrel.


I have to say, I know a lot of folks go on and on about Worthy, but I've been twice and was disappointed both times. I wouldn't say their food is terrible or anything, but it and the beer are just okay. The Reuben was nice, but nothing to write home about. My biggest complaint is that everything is so dang expensive! Sorry, most of my friends feel the same way: UN should be in front of Worthy's name.


You have to be joking about Baldy's being "scrumptious." You must have never had real BBQ. I'm seriously sick of mediocre restaurants opening a second eastside restaurant. I wish some new, real restaurants would come and give some competition.


Why'd you leave out Longboard Louie's?

—Kathi Hurst Parshall

RE.: "Natural World"

I've enjoyed Jim Anderson's column for years and when I encountered a perplexing question while hiking Sunday he was the first person I thought of when considering who might be able to help solve this mystery. While hiking the Tam-A-Lau Trail at Cove Palisades, my friends and I noticed some unusual rock piles on the rim overlooking the Crooked River Arm of the reservoir. The piles were stacked straight and vertical on one side and tapered to the ground on the side nearest the rim. There were four piles in all, quite large but varying in size, with the largest covering 1000-2000 square feet in area. I was hoping you might be aware of the story behind these peculiar oddities.

—Doug Elliot

Thanks, Doug. If the piles look man-made they're probably left over from the old sheep-herding days when Grandview was being settled. Those poor people made all kinds of rock edifices waiting for the irrigation water that never appeared. If they're too big to be man-made, they may be part of a platey (like a plate) andesite flow; that's very stiff lava without much iron in it. (Unlike basalt with a lot of iron that flows freely). The flows tend to stand still because they're so firm, then when it does move it goes with a powerful jerk, breaking the cooling lava into plates. Makes wonderful "flagstone" walkways. (But you must have a BLM permit to collect on Public Land.)


RE.: "Go East, Young Bendite" (Outdoors, 1/23)

We are lucky to have Horse Ridge as an area to ride. My disappointment comes from what I see on that trail, among others. Even in the published picture you can see other tracks along side the section being ridden. I wish more folks would be conscious/considerate about how they ride the trails. In just the last few months I've noticed more bike tracks outside the intended line. Remember what single track means? Riding out of control is eroding the environment around the trail, besides inviting an injury. Stutter bumps are more evident as well. These are caused by using too much rear brake and skidding. Skidding = lack of control. Please learn to ride the rocky sections by practicing those sections (that's how your skills improve), walk the section, or go ride something less technical. The tracks you leave don't go away unless you buff them out. Please don't "ride around" when approaching other riders. Just put a foot down and yield to uphill traffic. These rules are fairly universal, and just plain polite.

—Richard C

Letter of the Week!

Thanks Richard C—Those are words to bike by. Please single-track your way over to our office to pick up a $5 certificate to Crow's Feet Commons—and enjoy a little treat on us. It is the least we can do to repay your courtesy.

P.S., To clear up any confusion: A "ride around" is not at all like a "reach around."

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