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Brianna Brey wrote "The versatile theater hosted regular performances . . . through the late 1990s, when the culture dried up." The culture didn't dry up. COCC's leadership made the conscious decision to terminate with prejudice the theatre program, forcing its director, Lilli Ann Linford-Foreman (who, for some unexplained reason, was not interviewed for this story), to retrain as a speech communication teacher. There was no "drying up." There was a "burning down."

Karen Huck, Ph.D.


It seems to me like the Source is making its picks in a biased way. You are picking Americana and folk music, that very few are going to see, and not picking the shows that sell out or draw huge crowds. I love you guys and I think honesty is key but, please, if you can look out for shows that are making more of an impact on the Bend scene that would be great. All out of love and opinions I have heard from so many other artists as well.


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