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Seems like it would have been apt to include the fact that the Oregonian’s editorial was written by Erik Lukens, who previously led the editorial board at The Bulletin, where he used similarly bizarre judgment during his tenure.
—RememberThat? via bendsource.com

I would have skinned it and at least brain tanned the cape and kept the skull.
—Franklin Jeffers via bendsource.com

John Kitzhaber was that rarest of politicians—a visionary. He shared the stage with the Dalai Lama in Portland; he courageously imposed a moratorium on the death penalty; his training as a physician informed his tireless work for access to health care for Oregonians; he returned from Bhutan convinced that human wellbeing and happiness should be measured by metrics other than consumption and unsustainable development. That being said, however, I am convinced that Kate Brown will be a worthy successor and a perfect match for our increasingly progressive state.
—Foster Fell via bendsource.com

I am feeling a bit queasy after reading the recent Parks & Rec Playbook and especially noting the new park in [NW Crossing]. Not only did they destroy a large swath of native habitat for yet more green grass to attract yet more year-round geese to cause yet more problems in the parks, but they have installed a lake. A lake? Really? BRP...oh excuse me, BPRD. Is this the same agency that lauded itself for its environmental sensitivity? Patted itself on the back for its new, green administrative building? A lake? Ah, perhaps the lake is full of magical water that doesn’t evaporate and won’t need to be replenished. I would like to dance about in that magical world too, but alas, I do not. I live in an arid climate that has climate change front and center with impending issues of severe weather, water shortages, habitat destruction, energy pollution and on and on. In my world, the magical way forward (without indigestion) is to conserve, use solar, commute on bicycle, reduce, reduce & reduce, etc. BPRD, if we are going to have places to recreate in the future and if my stomach is going to survive this go around, please get on board, show some leadership and truly consider the environment in all future plans.

I felt that I needed to respond to the letter published last week on page 5 “OPINION” section about “Tired of Newcomers” written by “BENDITEGIIRL.”
1. She’s so misinformed about the issue of the “duck poop.” The euthanizing decision was made by the City Council NOT the Californian “imports.”
2. Being a Californian myself, I have to make clear that the City of Bend was heavily promoting their city enough to entice not just Californians, but people from Washington, Idaho and other states to come live here, especially retirees.
We came here not just because the value of the real estate but because of the clean environment and beautiful scenery.
3. NOBODY is trying to change the great “small town feel” in Bend. That’s why people move here from larger cities.
4. As far as rudeness, do NOT label Californians only for that. This can be a bad trait in any person regardless of their place of origin.
My husband and I moved here 10 years ago in December from Orange County, Southern California, to be near our kids and grandkids. We cannot say enough nice things about Bend and Central Oregon and we love this area just the way it’s been since we came here.

“Too Much Coffee Man” is “Too much crap.” Please don’t waste any more ink on that cartoon. In my opinion, that is a waste of what could be filled in with something that is actually funny, or blank.
—Juggalo Repo

Source Weekly called out two Valley newspapers for trying to make news instead of reporting it [“Strange Bedfellows” (2/11)]. I have had a complete distrust of news media for decades. Partly because I question the writers’ intelligence, mostly because they always put their slant into their stories. Their opinions or political leanings shape the story before they even write it. News media is incredibly inept when it comes to reporting the facts. That is why they try to B.S. us with their fanciful fiction.
Imagine the modern reporter. Gets assignment on an unfamiliar subject, gets coffee, researches internet, inserts uninformed opinion, writes story, misinforms readers, gets lunch. At least before the internet they had to interview witnesses and officials to obtain “facts” for their articles. Yet facts seem so difficult to understand or report correctly. So they repeat each others thoughts so many times that the public assumes it must be true.
TSW contends that news media should be a watchdog. What good is a watchdog if it can’t tell friend from foe, is too lazy to get off the porch, or doesn’t have any teeth? News media is not a public watchdog. It is an entertainment business whose primary goal is not to lose more market share.
Crusading journalism is all we have. Don’t have a crisis? Make one up. Haven’t heard about Ebola for a while? Want to get a Republican president fired? Report about a coming recession every day for two years until you finally get your wish. In 1983, when AIDS hit, I remember a New York newscaster reporting that “there isn’t going to be one family in this country that isn’t going to be affected by this dreadful disease.” Sensationalism all, with a perpetual sky-is-falling mentality.
I don’t think the Source went far enough by calling out the Oregonian and Willamette Week. I’ve got a suggestion for all news media outlets, especially the national ones: Remove head, insert boot.
—Mike Frank


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