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In response to the March 26 letter from Stan Baker asking readers to support the TPP "Free Trade" agreement, I urge readers to check out Elizabeth Warren's speech on the Senate Floor, probably on YouTube, against this impending catastrophe. This secret Act effectively gives international corporate governance power to bypass our legal and jurisprudence systems to screw us all in mind bending new ways.  Obama, who I support in most everything else, as with Clinton and NAFTA, is all for this monstrosity, as are virtually all the Republicans in Congress. In fact, it is about the only "bipartisan" issue Republicans are willing agree with Obama about. You know if that's the case, this train wreck is a disaster for all the rest of us. The text is too lengthy to go into here but is widely available on the net. Read it before you swallow Stan Baker's Kool-Aid.


This week Wikileaks released the secret investment provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. They would give overseas corporations the authority to sue towns and cities for implementing public health, environmental and consumer safeguards, which would allegedly hurt the company's profits. Lawsuits brought under this investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provision would be arbitrated outside of U.S. courts by unaccountable trade tribunals.  ISDS suits have already challenged fracking moratoriums in Canada and cigarette advertising in Australia. Ironically, we taxpayers may end up paying for lawsuits brought about by U.S.-based companies, which have operations in countries included in the pact.

 The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would undermine the laws that protect our public health. It would threaten our food security including local food for schools, GMO labeling, and country of origin labeling. It would result in decreased employment, as companies would be free to operate in countries where they can take advantage of weaker labor and environmental rules.  

 Only the biggest multi-national corporations will benefit from the TPP and American citizens will pay the price.

 I urge you to write your legislators in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

 —Laurie Lakin


The # 1 priority here should be overall health of the river. I'm glad there are groups focused on fighting the private entities who are set on masking the core issues in the name of capitalism and profit. The rebuilding of a "new dam" and the restructuring of downtown (how did this idea get brought into the mix anyway?) is geared for nothing more than to protect the interests of a few (rich) property owners and for the financial gain of those wanting to win the contracts for construction. Think Halliburton.

DOWN WITH THE DAM. And please don't let the money hungry one-percenters screw the rest of us out a flourishing, free-flowing river, full of wildlife, that provides for additional recreational opportunities. What's best for the habitat is ultimately best for us: freetheriver.org.

—Rynomill via bendsource.com


When do we get rid of "School Improvement Wednesdays?" Are we living in an Orwell novel?

—rob_bie via bendsource.com


I'd really like to see Mirror Pond stay as close to the same as possible and it seems like the best way to get that result is the current proposal.

—Adam Johnson via facebook.com/sourceweekly

It'll be cool, there are lots of great parks and things to do in this town! It just keeps blowing up, it's kind of overwhelming to go out during First Friday and big events though. I just hope that I can continue to afford to live here forever.

—Christopher Cook via facebook.com/sourceweekly

Loss of parking will hurt downtown and the traffic. I have heard arguments that it will encourage greener transportation, but quite seriously most of Bend is not bike friendly to get to and from downtown. It's hard enough during events and First Friday to find parking, even the parking garage is usually full. Without better plans for parking and traffic, this plan is not completely agreeable to me.

—Colin Gladden via facebook.com/sourceweekly

Oh great. Let's add a row of four story condos, shops, and bars. And no parking. Great for a few developer carpetbaggers. I saw this type of "urban renewal" in another community. Created traffic gridlock problems and caused shops and small restaurants to close. It's all part of the "bigger is better" developer mentality.

—Geoffrey Hance


I have lived here for some 39 years and it just seems some of the current trends need a reality check. To me they are becoming intolerable.

There is no reason to tolerate that just because the Deschutes was dammed up 100 years ago, that it must remain that way in perpetuity. Let it run free, like God intended.

There is no reason to tolerate dogs off-leash when you have thousands of open acres of forest to take your crotch-sniffing, undisciplined dog out to wander around.

There is no reason to tolerate open and legal use of a mind altering drug like marijuana.  

It is an evil plot to make otherwise intelligent people more pliable to the agenda of uber rich like the Koch Brothers, who envision a race of slaves serving the moneyed classes while having no hope of improving their own fortunes.

There is no reason to tolerate homes that cost over a quarter million dollars, for a starter home. We don't all need to live in McMansions to feel the pride of home ownership. I have always thought Oregon's Land Use laws were good, but it's just plain sad that all the new neighborhoods, where homes are just 10 feet apart with no yards, are destroying the character that once made Bend such a desirable place to live.

Period. End of Rant!

—Dave Stalker

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