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Letters 4/12-19

Readers react to the COCC payroll cuts, the Knute Buehler town hall and more


Respecting Wildlife

In March, a non-target Oregon wolf and Idaho family dog were killed by explosive cyanide devices (M-44s) bated for coyotes. The Idaho State Journal reported that a 14-year-old boy was walking beside his dog when a cyanide bomb exploded, was knocked down and covered with cyanide while watching his dog die 500 yards from their family's subdivision home.

These incidents are part of a larger picture in which millions of animals, both targeted and not-targeted, are killed annually—including beavers, marmots, ravens, crows, cormorants, flickers, kestrels, ducks, bears, foxes, sandhill cranes, pelicans, doves, cougars, bobcats, gray wolves and coyotes.

Rather than killing animals deemed dangerous, inconvenient or too competitive, (often torturing them in the process) we could recognize that we are sharing their habitat and that killing animals can be ineffectual, cruel and ecologically unsound. We could appreciate wildlife and be grateful that we are living in places that still support their existence. We could respect that they, like us, survive by being adaptable and resourceful.

Instead of spending millions of taxpayer dollars to torture and kill with poisons, traps and aerial gunning, Wildlife Services could be re-employed to teach people best practices for living with wildlife while keeping children and pets safe. Ranchers and farmers could be supported in choosing effective non-lethal approaches for protecting crops and herds such as using well-trained guard dogs and other proven practices that reduce vulnerability.

We now know that healthy ecosystems are complex webs of life. By respecting wildlife and valuing their lives, we help ourselves live healthy lives.

— Jette Morache

In Response to, COCC Payroll Woes (3/12)

Ron Paradis, who called employees getting only half their pay for two months "an inconvenience," must have gone to the same school of corporate-speak as Oscar Muñoz — the CEO of United Airlines who said the customer who was beaten and dragged off one of their planes was "re-accommodated."

— Chris Tsongas

I think it is worth noting that these employees had a legit union representing them until they chose to decertify years ago. Some employees were upset with the union rep and rather than push to have him replaced (which he soon was) they got rid of the union entirely. Others complained about dues. Well, dues pay for protections that are now clearly lacking under this unaffiliated, lawyer-run association. This is the kind of stuff you get when you do that. OSEA, the union they left, is affiliated with the AFT, a strong union with resources to fight back when employers pull this kind of crap. In any event, a union is only as strong as its members so maybe the leadership needs to mobilize the members rather than just leave it to the lawyers. There is power in a union...if you choose to use it.

— Mickey Finn, via bendsource.com

In Response to, Grounding the Flight (4/12)

Back when my wife and I were first dating we undertook a crazy mission to sample every beer brewed and on tap in Bend in one day. We even scored each beer using the American Homebrewing criteria. It wasn't an easy mission taking a full 12 hours, but we survived, and I knew I'd found a keeper.

— Jayson Bowerman, via facebook.com

In Response to, Endorsement of Carrie Douglass for School Board (4/12)

I attended the meet and greet and was amazed by Carrie's passion for students. She has done such amazing work, and I am sure she will continue to to amaze us as a Board member. Let's help make this happen and support Carrie in any way we can!

— Veronica Jimenez-Trejo, via facebook.com

As a Bend High grad and as the father of two, I'm proud to support Carrie. She has the experience and the vision to help lead the district to give my kids the education they deserve. I'm thrilled the Source agrees!

— Oliver Tatom, via facebook.com

Thoughtful endorsement The Source Weekly! I also endorse Carrie Douglass for School Board. The more I learn, the stronger my endorsement becomes.

— Katie Hauck McClure, via facebook.com

The Knute Buehler Town Hall

Bend residents who showed up for Rep. Knute Buehler's town hall were presented with a true Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde performance. In the wake of his town hall, I was left with the question: who is the real Knute Buehler?

Dr. Buehler at times seemed quite pragmatic, informed, forward thinking, and nonpartisan. He went out of his way to demonstrate that he is dedicated to the work that his constituents elected him to do. He highlighted pragmatic, outside-the-box solutions to problems like allowing meat from hunting to be donated to food banks. He emphasized that he believes schools and teachers should be a priority. He supported infrastructure and affordable housing and spoke on the relationship between the two. He showed a desire to address and move past partisan squabbling and even put forward constructive ideas for that purpose. He is a pro-choice Republican which is no small thing. Dr. Buehler was compassionate, responsible and dedicated. Dr. Buehler deserved applause.

And then Dr. Buehler became Mr. Knute. Mr. Knute refused to pay for the programs that Dr. Buehler supported. Mr. Knute will not be giving us better schools or infrastructure or healthcare. Mr. Knute has no problem slashing the budget because he clearly plans to just blame the Governor and never take responsibility for not paying the bills. In contrast to Dr. Buehler, Mr. Knute was a self-serving, double speaking, political creature who did not hesitate to play the partisan blame-game. Mr. Knute wants to kick the can down the road on the budget. Mr. Knute stood to break every promise that Dr. Buehler made. I don't know which Knute Buehler is the real one, but I'm going to be paying attention to find out.

— Matt Cowell


Matt – Thanks for showing up and taking your role as a constituent seriously. Come on down for your gift card to Palate!

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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