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Troy Field should be protected and preserved as a Historic Community Open Space

Over the past year, Troy Field, the little playing field next to McMenamins, has been the talk of the town.

Some people think of it as their green space that has always been there, some remember their earlier years playing sports or ice skating on it.

But Troy Field goes far beyond that- recently submitted photographs of the field have been recognized by the Landmarks Committee. These photos take Troy Field back to 1907.  This is before the historic core and residential was built and just 2 years after Bend became a city.  Troy Field is what shaped the area, and community—the early residents of Bend, intentionally built around their community field.  

With these now known facts of Troy Field's historic significance, one would think that the public entities would want to protect it and celebrate it with its age of over 100 years. So far they have chosen to overlook the historic field, and continue to consider it as nothing more than a piece of profitable, buildable, property—something they believe can be substituted with another green space as part of their idea of a development - which is to dig up the parking lot on the other side of the street, and make that the green space instead.

This plan by the City and School District goes against the City's General Plan of Historic Preservation which states :

"Rapid growth and development make it imperative that the city's historical and cultural resources be identified and protected."

Troy Field has always been there for the public to enjoy, while the city has grown from 200 residents to 90,000 residents. All those years it has benefited residents, visitors and the city.

Development and tourism should not come first.

Together we can save Troy Field.

-Julia Ohlson

In response to "Help Hillary trounce Trump," (5/26)

Dorothy Leman (May 26) says that we should all rally behind Hillary because "the Blessed Virgin Mary isn't running this year." That may be true, but the closest thing to the second coming is both running, and, according to polls, stands as the Democratic party's best hope for defeating Donald Trump.  Perversely, he is the very person Ms. Leman begs Democrats to abandon. 

Unlike Clinton, Bernie Sanders has not risen to prominence staffing tables for the temple moneylenders who crashed our economy and pocketed our democracy.  Once in charge of international affairs, he will shrink military spending and overseas aggression (blessed are the peacemakers), thus absolving the sins of the longest wartime administration in U.S. history.  He is the first candidate since Nader who cares enough about average Americans to center his platform on their needs (blessed are the meek) and, unlike Nader, he has the political capital to win, making Ms Leman's comparisons to Nader most puzzling and irrationally fretful. 

Ms. Leman parrots the corporate media's talking points about Bernie Sanders--points that are predictable because Clinton (more so even than Trump) is Corporate America's Candidate.  This election, which is more about rejecting vs. tolerating the system than it is about Democrats vs. Republicans, is boiling down to one very interesting question: Will the Democratic Party, which in recent decades has turned into a fashionable replica of the Nixon-era Republican Party, so reject Sanders, a Roosevelt-era Democrat, that they are willing to risk a Trump presidency?   Or will Democratic superdelegates, instituted by the party in the 1980s to ensure a nominee with the best chance of winning, live up to their mandate and make sure Sanders trumps Clinton?

-Matt Orr

In response to "Help Hillary trounce Trump," (5/26): Vote your conscience, not your fears

I agree with Dorothy Leman (May 26th) that defeating Trump is imperative. His presidency would be a terrible step backward. The rest of the world is watching with disbelief. This is why I support the only candidate capable of "trouncing" him in November, Bernie Sanders. Every poll shows him winning by a landslide. I ask all Hillary supporters to re-consider. She is already behind Trump in some polls and that was before the damning Inspector General's report on illegal handling of her e-mails. Even if she is not indicted later this year, Trump will have a field day with "Crooked Hillary." Independents and Bernie supporters will refuse to "hold their nose" and vote for her. Don't underestimate the populist anger toward Wall Street and she is the Wall Street candidate.

In fact, I am one who will never vote for her, or Trump, for moral reasons. Hillary is a "hawk" who wants to put boots on the ground in Syria and Iran. She and her Wall Street pals are happy to finance endless war. She has left many failed states in her wake (Syria, Libya, Honduras ) and the blood of thousands is on her hands. The real reason she set up a private e-mail server was to shield herself and her Clinton Foundation dealings from  Freedom of Information Act requests.  I, for instance, would like to know more about the time she and Bill brokered a deal with a Russian company for 20 percent of U.S. uranium deposits.

Dorothy, you have it dead wrong when you say that the Affordable Care act is cheaper than single payer. The health insurance industry adds 300 billion dollars to the cost. Canada pays half what we do and they live three years longer. We are paying retail for what the rest of the world gets wholesale.

I agree with Don Schuman that it would be great to have a woman president. I participated in a letter writing campaign encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run long before Bernie entered the race. Now I encourage everyone to check out Jill Stein of the Green Party. As she astutely observes "The lesser evil simply guarantees that the greater evil will be elected in the next election." Vote your conscience not your fears.

-Tom Freedman

Dear Dog Walkers

Do you believe in the dog poop bag fairy? We have been walking the Deschutes River and notice tons of filled dog poop bags laying along the trail. People put the poop in the bag (great) but then leave the bag along the trail. I guess believing the poop bag fairy will come along and throw it away. As far as I know there is NO ONE that has that job, but you. The Forest Service, the city or even Parks and Recreation has no employees that do that job. If you are going to put the poop in the bag, you must take the next step and get it in the garbage can! It's a bit of a hassle, but if we want to keep our outdoors beautiful, we need to take responsibility. Also, hiding it behind a bush is not the answer either! This is so important. Please tell me if I am wrong...is there a poop bag fairy?


Denise - You are not wrong, and while we cannot send you the digits of the poop bag fairy we can help by giving you a place to get some solace from looking at those nasty bags. Enjoy a cup of coffee at Palate by picking up a gift card here at the Source Weekly office.

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