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Letters 6/15-6/22


In response to "Somebody has to Pay," (6/9)

IP 28 money is intended only to assure that the unreasonable wage increases the governor negotiated with public employee unions and the overspending that has occurred during the last two legislative sessions controlled by a Democratic senate, house and governor have been approved absent any money to pay for them. Oregon is in the business of controlling and thus destroying Oregon businesses through mandated wages, sick leave, etc. which is being touted as "helping" the poor when actually, it will result in eliminating thousands of jobs and placing an ever increasing number of workers on the public gravy train. I am a retired state worker, and quite honestly, public employees and retired public employees need to face reality and stop bankrupting the state.

~Irene Walker Gilbert via www.bendsource.com

In response to "Bend Park and Recreation District Closes Passageway Channel at the Whitewater Park for Evaluation," (6/9)

I suggest BPRD make it safer for floaters to exit the river for portage in the interim. It is an overused, narrow and hazardous trail filled with pushing and shoving people at this point. I love the Bend Parks Department, but this has shown poor planning and insufficient testing. When they modified the surfing channel they should have modified the floater passage. Now we have lost another year to ugly construction and needless delays.

~Ponciano Montoya via www.bendsource.com

How about instead of spending the unnecessary funds to transform part of the river into an unnecessary attraction, we fix the roads? The river construction did nothing but close down a vital artery for traffic and then when it's "done" it looks unfinished—like when the house is finished before the landscaping—but that's just how it looks. I'm at a loss as to why this project was even embarked upon and how they justified spending the money on it. Bend Park and Rec employees and directors DRIVE around Bend right? How about infrastructure, potholes, bike lanes and all the other things that should have been put ahead of this ridiculous venture. People actually LIVE in Bend—we don't all just come here for vacation. Can we cater to locals, please, FOR ONCE!

~Tony Leeds via www.bendsource.com

The Park needs to own up for lack of education of the public on what is needed to float. Allowing people and kids to float on low quality Intek, Wal Mart, Costco toys is on the park district. When it reopens, get a few lifeguards to screen the entry to the white water park. Tell floaters yes or no. Pull the people out with the wrong tubes, no life jackets—easy easy easy.

~Marty Scheafer via www.bendsource.com

Bend Whitewater Park Closure

The closure of the Bend Whitewater Park is ridiculous. After 9.7 million dollars of our money was spent to create a fun, outdoor attraction in the heart of Bend, it is being shut down on account of a few scrapes and bruises?

I joined this community because of the adventurous spirit that exists here and because we embrace nature. Of course, nature comes with inherent risk and it is important to remember that it is, after all, a river and not a controlled setting like a water park.

After going through the rapids myself in a kayak and on a tube I can't help but think that shutting down the Whitewater Park is just a perpetuation of what has become the American attitude of catering to the least prepared in our society. How about educating users on how to enjoy the river safely instead? A better solution to this issue would be to add the appropriate signage reminding floaters of the risk and direct them to the easy exit point and portage around the rapids at their discretion.

It seems to me that Parks and Rec is acting like an overprotective mother in shutting this down, which is not their role. Please let us take responsibility for ourselves. It's truly a shame that those of us who take personal responsibility and enjoy heading out for a little adventure on a hot day are being deprived of the Whitewater Park that we paid for. I, for one, will continue to enjoy the passageway this summer at my own risk.

~Samantha Georgi

City Hall

Just returned from Europe and found something in Germany that we could copy here in Bend. A City Hall in Germany is called a "Rathaus." Called so because the city counselors who inhabit the place are called "rats" in German.  

Seems like it would be an appropriate name change here.

~Dan Cooper

Editorial on Oregon's Education Crisis

In your editorial regarding IP 28, you stated that Oregon has the highest corporate tax rate in the nation. The exact opposite is true! We are #50, lowest in the nation. I have a table I can e-mail you that ranks the states. I'm president of the local teachers' association. I will be presenting this at the school board meeting for Bend-La Pine Schools on June 14, 6 p.m. You should send a reporter!

~Don Stearns

Upcoming "Election"

Did it ever occur to "anyone" that this whole thing (campaign) has just been a huge Hollywood production, staged for the benefit of the stupid American public to make it think we still have a democracy in this country and is nothing more than sleight of hand on a grand scale to divert attention from what has really been going on? Trump has been playing his role in this faithfully, just like all the other players, for the non-benefit of y'all, Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public. He, like all the other players in this charade was never meant to be anything but a temporary offering to present a "facade of fairness before the inevitable coronation."

~Marco Munez

Marco ~ While we find the idea of this kind of tail-wagging-the dog a bit far-fetched, it's just as good as any for why someone like Donald Trump is still in a race for our highest office. Come by and pick up a gift card to Palate, and spend some more quality time reflecting on the "façade of fairness."

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