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Letters 6/6-6/11



Sad that people are so paranoid that they believe more guns=safety.

—Check Malley

Chuck Malley—Did you read the article? I would agree if that was the case—it's about education. As an educator I can tell you our SROs are doing a lot more than just carrying guns—They are mentors, educators, and a resource.



In response to the letter form Damien Sands (5/22) on his response to "Sports are So Gay" (5/8)...

His arrogant little reply only verified Mr. Jegglie's complaint.

Obviously, he doesn't believe in free speech or think anybody's opinion matters but his own.


Oh Jon J., there you go again. We must live in completely different communities and countries and worlds. Yours must be some sort of Bizarro World where night is day and maybe even gay is straight. I have never experienced what you call homo hustling on any level whatsoever. I do see considerable hetero-hustling throughout the mass media. You seem mighty bothered by your delusions. I could give you the name of a good therapist who can help you sort this out. Just trying to be a good neighbor, even though I don't reside on planet Htrae.

—Michael Funke

"You seem mighty bothered by your delusions."" Not at all. I circle back to my original conclusion that it is preposterous and insulting to compare Michael Sam to Jackie Robinson. The goal of the Sam affair was to get him drafted which otherwise would not have happened, thereby guaranteeing a solid roster spot in the upcoming season. That way, the politically correct sports media gets to fawn over the first openly gay player in the NFL. It's a simple formula and I'm astonished that so many others cannot see it. "I do see considerable hetero-hustling throughout the mass media." We agree on this point. The infiltration of sex, porn, and depravity into all aspects of daily life is a huge contributing factor in the societal decline we see before us every day. I've clearly articulated my position, reiterated it, reiterated it again, and now am finished with this thread. Good luck with your responses gentlemen.

—Jon Jegglie


Really delicious food, generous servings, wonderful staff, reasonably priced! What more can one ask for?

—Fran Weaver


This is great to get to know the people behind local art! Is there anywhere that Tripper's art is regularly displayed (besides Bishops barber shop this month)? Also, I highly recommend Chris Cole as a subject for a future Meet the Artist—very unique local artist.

—Emilie Cortes

Letter of the Week

Emilie - Thank you so much for remarking on our regular "artist-of-the-month" feature, in which we place work from an artist on our cover, provide a Q&A profile and, yes, host a First Friday at Bishops. Tripper's (3-D) artwork will be on dsiplay at Bishops throughout the month, and then pay attention for our next artist (and yes, keep sending us suggestions; we need 12 each year). In the meantime, please stop by to pick up a $5 certificate to Crows' Feet Commons.

Speaking of Michael Sam, Opinion

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