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Bend DMV Scam

Is your paper interested in the fact that Bend DMV purposely gives an extension of an expired driver license past the one-year cut-off in order to obtain more money and require you to take the written and driver test over? It has happened to me, and I am insisting they waive the fees in my case ($74 total). I would like the people of Bend to know; this is wrong and shouldn't happen. Thank you for your time.

—Samie Brown

White Water Park Issue

I am continually dismayed by not only the dysfunction of the white water park, but especially by the ripped up condition of the river and river banks caused by the wanton disregard of the Park District for the care of a natural resource entrusted to them by the public.

All that money spent on the white water park and the adjacent skate park should have been spent on a public pool and work out center for the South end of Bend, where it would have benefited thousands of people. And in the future, the same type of center for the East side of Bend. This town can certainly support more than one public pool. And it is not the duty of the Park District to protect the private interests of the private athletic clubs. The next time the Park district wants the public to vote on the next project, I would certainly exercise caution unless it is abundantly clear that the project would be in the interest of an overwhelming majority of the citizens who live, work, and partake of the Park district facilities.

—Joselyn Houk

That's Entertainment

Donald Trump has accomplished what he has in the campaign to date because so many Americans are thoroughly disgusted and fed up with politicians like the Clintons and their ilk. But he has had a lot of help from the fact that this is a "Hollywoodized" nation, and Trump's nickname should be "Hollywood Trump," if anything. Perhaps one of the reasons he is slipping in the polls, aside from all the money Hilly is spending on negative ads and the lip-flapping of Lizzie Wornout, is because some of the people who have liked him for his entertainment value—compared to the Trumpeter, Hillary is a limp biscuit—are now starting to ask themselves if there might be more to all this than just mere entertainment. It is a very valid and meritorious question. And in the end one can only ask: Is There?

—Marco Munez

Bikeways and The River

In reading recent issues of The Source two things have struck me: First, why do we continue to build and/or promote bikeways when the city/county cannot seem to come up with a budget for sweeping/maintaining the ones we have? Second, the arguments surrounding returning the river to its natural state through Mirror Pond is disingenuous. We change the course of the river upstream to create a Whitewater Park, and everyone cheers. We then put forth an effort to save Mirror Pond and Drake Park as we know it, and we are booed. Which feature sees more visits? Too many hipsters and urban environmentalists, too much hypocrisy!

—Jim Mitchell

Hillary Clinton Endorsement

The Source has endorsed Hillary Clinton, as has the President of the United States. This illustrates how much we have lowered the bar for Presidential Candidates, both Democrat and Republican.

CNN, a progressive news source, just released a report indicating that the Clinton state department appointed an individual, who was a large donor to the Clinton Foundation, to an important security committee requiring security clearance. The donor had zero security experience and no security clearance. CNN released a series of e-mails showing the state department's attempt to "cover" for Mrs. Clinton. The donor resigned the position after one month.

As a country, we should be able to do better than this. How much scrutiny has the general press given to the Clinton Foundation? The Source should do some research on the Clinton Foundation, which on the surface appears to be very illegal and provide its readers with some honest feedback.

—Anna Johnson

In Response to "River Trash: Whose Mess Is It Anyway?" (6/15)

The answer is quite simple: a $1,0000 fine for littering in or near the river with signs and enforcement.

—Brett J Campbell via bendsource.com

In Response to Travis Overley's Letter in Response to "Oregon's Education Crisis," (6/22)

Very well said, Travis. I heard on the radio about how much growth Bend is expecting the next few years, and how many new schools will need to be built. The money to do that has to come from somewhere. IP 28 could provide some relief to property owners, who would normally be tapped for construction bonds. I think it's time for large corporations to pay their fair share.

—Tim McFarland

Our Homeless Brothers and Sisters

There are cities around the nation that are setting up tiny house villages for the homeless. In most cases, the costs of the tiny houses and the public amenities is less—often considerably less—than the cost for incarceration, emergency medical care and other costs that happen with unmanaged homeless situations. Tiny house villages usually charge minimal rent and utilities, have self-governance and rules, and access to necessary services. Search the web and you will find many examples. This is something Central Oregon could do with the cooperation of the jurisdictions and agencies involved, plus the involvement of civic groups, donors, and volunteers. I believe we have a moral obligation to have shelters, temporary housing, and social services available for our brothers and sisters in need. Setting up authorized, self-governing camps or tiny house villages could go a long way toward easing this humanitarian problem.

—Viki Wooster

Viki—Sometimes big solutions come in small packages! Discuss a tiny house community in Central Oregon further over a large cup of coffee on us. Pick up your Palate gift card at the Source Weekly office.

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