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Letters 9/16-9/23



Regarding two items in your magazine(?).One is the "boot" article "Show Me the Money" (9/17). You take a focus on [Jodie] Barram as being one of the most active on the [City] Council. Who are you to take away from the other most active? There are six more, you know.

Then you go on to note Barram is also running for election in another territory (while others are hanging in with the City). Question mark? How does that "plug" fit into the article?

Then you go to New York City from this "podunk" town. Quite a leap. And enough said on that

Two:  The Opinion [Letters to the Editor] page (9/17) lists "Bewnd Chamber political events." Now there is an exposé to discuss. I have also felt "left out" and applaud  Rondo for his obvious courage. Also, please note, Rondo is also running for an office, that of City Council, and for a position 6, which is being vacated by the incumbent.

Sure the Chamber can do what it feels or rather agrees on, but the image it sends out to the general citizenry is murky.

Enough said. Two birds in The Source with one stone (article.)

—Tom Filcich


My husband and I just bought our dream vacation home in Bend at the beginning of September! We kept returning to Bend on vacations and have looked at purchasing property, with the potential to retire. We recently decided to purchase our vacation home in Bend, but knew we needed to offset the mortgage with being able to use it as a vacation rental under the supervision of a property manager. We were dismayed to hear that some local residents want to put a moratorium on vacation rentals! Bend is a fabulous destination area, with so much to offer, and after having stayed at several vacation rentals in Bend, the allure of this city kept us coming back. We are outdoor enthusiasts who embrace the wholesome and athletic lifestyle that makes Bend so unique! We want to be part of this community, but need to have a period of transition to reside more permanently in Bend, which entails being able to rent out our new beautiful home, under the supervision of a property manager who knows and enforces the city laws and ordinances. Our vacation rental will contribute to the health and vitality of Bend, through the transient room tax, the purchasing of goods locally (which we will be doing to furnish our home), and supporting local vendors and service providers. Please do not limit/eliminate our ability to rent our home as a vacation rental!

—Angela Stroh


Regarding the vacation rental situation, I would like to present "my side of the coin." I have been a Bend resident for 12 years and in that time I have been a homeowner, renter and a business owner. Times are a bit tough here and there as we all know. I took a chance on offering a room in my home for a nightly vacation rental. I am lucky enough to live in a very desirable downtown location.I have to say it has been a great experience for both me and my guests. They spend a night or two in my home with me, my two dogs and a cat. I have fun directing them to all the great things to do in Bend...Ale Trail, restaurants, on and on. Usually that means $$$ for local businesses. They get a first-hand "local" experience and I am pleased to say that I have made a few friends along the way.Had I not made my neighbors aware of my guests, they would not have seen anything different in the neighborhood. No parties, parking issues, etc. I have a business license from the city and pay monthly room tax.So have a look at all sides before you judge...it's not all bad.



In 2001 I bought my home (off NW 14th St and Galveston) because my street was quiet, homes were well maintained and there was a neighborly feel. I did not want the increasing number of food businesses nor lack of parking for these and vacation rentals/multi-families living in what were single-family homes! WHAT the heck is wrong with this (immature) city where our elected officials have failed to establish codes for the growth (including the OSU campus) that establish where cars can be parked? Contrary to the juvenile adults who think the majority of patrons of the above will bike or walk...grow up...observe human behavior, then encode rules!!



Thank you. As a newcomer to Bend, I've been very curious about who "runs" Bend. Now we need more info on 1) Eric King's qualifications and responsibilities, and 2) the funding and management of the Bend Parks and Recreation Department.


Jane, as a newcomer, you'll probably be stunned to learn Bend Parks and Rec Department, which is separate from the City of Bend, has a huge tax base. BPRD pulls in more revenue than police, fire and mass transit combined.


We can't help ourselves: We need to give TWO letters of the week. Old-time residents helping new-time residents! You two just made our letters section feel like a street corner this week. Please come by to get your $5 gift certificate to Palate.

Speaking of Politics, Vacation Rentals

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