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Letters to the Editor 5/10/20

A call for wearing masks from an essential worker, ideas for the meat industry and more in this week's letters


Respect 5/4

I had to take my son to the emergency room twice in April. I am so thankful that our hospitals are not overrun with COVID cases that we were turned away. My son could have died without intervention. I am grateful to all our local healthcare workers for their dedication. We are thankful for you!! 
I, too, am an essential worker. I, too, wear a mask all day at work where I interact with the public. I, too, am risking exposure in order to do my job, help people and earn a paycheck. I understand why people want to open the economy back up, but if you have been staying home then you have been safe. You have been dealing with problems like boredom or going stir crazy. Workers are worrying about bringing home the virus to their loved ones.

The number 1 very easy thing everyone can do to protect workers and themselves is to wear a mask when going into a store or public place. Protesters, I hear you, but gathering without wearing a mask is just stupid. Your stupidity means that you are not capable of doing one simple thing to protect your fellow humans from the spread of  a highly contagious virus, and so the state cannot lift the quarantine. It is the only thing slowing the spread and keeping our hospitals from being overrun. Get it into your stubborn heads please!

As an essential worker in a grocery store, I see opening up the economy with so many people seemingly incapable of wearing a face mask as a disaster waiting to happen. People feeling like they are staying home for nothing because it's not even that bad?? Hello? It's not that bad because you stayed home! The virus hasn't left. It's waiting for you to come out and get back to work. Do you really want to see how bad it can get? Wearing a mask is about understanding that you could have the virus and not know it. You wear it out of respect for the people around you.You are not only protecting essential workers, but their loved ones as well. Don't you want everyone looking out for your loved ones? I sure do.   

-Kay Bee

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How stupid can people be?   

We just saw a story on MSNBC about hog farmers  considering EUTHANISIZING their hogs because the meat packing plants can't accept them any longer due to COVID-19.  WHAT ON EARTH !  AMERICANS ARE CREATIVE AND FLEXIBLE WE ARE TOLD.

For Pete's sake,  get refrigerated trucks lined up,  butcher the hogs right on the farms and load the ham onto the refrigerated trucks that then fan out all over the continent.  Unload the ham at designated buildings suitable for further distribution to PEOPLE NEEDING FOOD.  The same would be true for any food product.

This is beyond belief !

Get this message out PRONTO !

-Tom Fosdick

Short Term Rental Ban to Expire

Didn't see any coverage on the vote by Deschutes County voting to lift the ban on short term rentals.  We have a rental in Sunriver and have had some inquiries but haven't booked because they can't find any confirmation that things will open up after the 15th. We have referred them to the County's website and all they have is a little blurb in red that they voted and will lift the ban.

Hope this helps and gets covered at the same pace that the initial vote did.

Thank you.

-John McCormick

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