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Letters to the Editor July 24-31


In Response to, Naked Bike Ride (7/10)

Ever since I first skinny-dipped in Fall Creek east of Eugene in the early 1970s, I have thought of bathing suits as being the most absurd item of clothing ever invented. You don't wear one in the shower, so why wear one anytime you swim? I am not at all ashamed of my 70-year-old body because it is who I am and I'm not ashamed of me.

Shame of the naked human body is a bizarre, self-inflicted psychological disease and a group naked bike ride is great medicine to combat that pitiful, schizophrenic condition. I blame millennia of organized religious dogma for causing this mass social schizophrenia. What is a more logical path to a sustainable future for human civilization: having religious wars over disagreements about what happens after you die; or taking off your clothes amongst other humans in the sunshine while joyfully celebrating being alive, healthy and human right now?

Did I participate in Bend's First Annual Naked Bike Ride? The notice in the Source Weekly said 8 to 11pm so I went there at 8pm with the intention of doing so. I had seen on YouTube the crowds of naked and semi-naked people in Portland's Naked Bike Ride so thought that progressive, athletic Bend would be able to whip up at least 50 or a 100 free-spirits.

Thirty people showed up and gathered in a tight group as if they were afraid to go through with it, at least until it got dark. I agreed with one person who asked "Doesn't that defeat the purpose?" So I did not join in—not because the crowd was small but because it was happening long after the sun had set!

If you are trying to make a statement that nudity is no big deal and is the most natural condition possible to attain, then MAKE THE DAMN STATEMENT IN THE FULL AND GLORIOUS SUNSHINE! Show people you believe what you say and don't skulk around town at night as you timidly infer how uninhibited you are. Don't ride by the bars but ride along our beautiful river where families and kids can see you, because they are the ones who need enlightening the most.

So if the Bend Second Annual Naked Bike Ride happens during the day, I'll join in. But why bother if no one can see our free minds and bodies because it is night?

— Eddie Kinnamon

Smoking in the Summer

I can't count the times I've been behind a car when the driver flicks his cigarette ashes out the window! You smokers can kill yourself, burn your house down —I don't care — but pull your head out of your collective asses and THINK....it's summer, hot, dry with flammable vegetation along just about every road and you DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT to start a fire.

Wise up.

— Burt James

What You Don't Know About "Winter Quarter Averaging" Could Cost You a Lot of Money

Ever wonder how the City of Bend determines what to bill you for your use of the city sewer system? I didn't think much about it either, until I discovered that I had overpaid more than $350 for my sewer use over the past year.

Metering actual sewer flows for each household would be impractical, so the City Utilities Department estimates your sewer consumption by how much water you use. But since water consumption varies greatly throughout the year — primarily because of higher outdoor water use in the warmer months — the City looks at only the average water consumption during December, January and February: the "winter quarter" to calculate the sewer rate for each household for the entire year.

Averaging winter quarter water use to estimate sewer consumption is a fair concept, but can have a grossly negative impact on some customers. A supply-line water leak or other excessive water use event during the winter months will not only make your water bill higher when it happens, but will also lead to a higher assumed sewer rate which will be carried through the entire next year.

In my case, a faulty backyard water feature increased my winter water consumption threefold, and my sewer rate increased $30 per month for the following year as a result.

So look at your water/sewer bill closely, especially the winter quarter average consumption. New sewer rates will go into effect this month for 2017/2018. And you only have 120 days to appeal if they aren't accurate.

— Bruce Johnson

Bad Timing (7/26)

Another sad example of not caring about what happens to other people.

No one is disposable though apparently Deschutes County seems to think they can just sweep them away and not deal with what is a real concern. As if that makes everything alright. It does not. At all.

— Victor Johnson, via bendsource.com

Oh, Dam. It's Back (7/19)

Considering the uncertainty of PacifiCorp's plans for their dilapidated dam and pond and the lack of clear support from the public — the option of doing nothing is the best approach at this time.

There is no critical harm created by the present sedimentation of the pond that requires immediate action. The water is still reflecting the mountains for the enjoyment of park visitors, swans are still swimming and the sedimentation has probably reached equilibrium.

If wildlife is a concern then the best action is to remove the dam and restore the river to a more natural state. MPS's plan to dredge the pond using a suction dredge will degrade the water quality, cost taxpayers and provide negligible benefits.

— Mark Davis, via bendsource.com

Letter of the Week

Hold on for dear life, Mark, because action is upon us. How can you help? Start showing up at City Council and parks meetings and tell them you don't want to spend millions on the project. But come in for your gift card to Palate first – you'll need the extra caffeine for this round of dam/pond "fun!"

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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