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Letters to the Editor: Readers React with Outrage to the Gay Rodeo and the New GOP Tax Plan


In Response to, "Candid Cowboys: New exhibit brings the gay rodeo to Central Oregon." (12/13)

UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT—As a gay man, I find the mere idea of a "gay rodeo" more than sad. Have we learned so little from our own long history of oppression? Rodeo is an inherently-cruel macho exercise in DOMINATION. There are major connections to be made with the sexual harassment of women now dominating the news.

Consider this quote from an 18-year-old Oregon Rodeo Queen, "What me and my rodeo friends really hate are Democrats, environmentalists and gays." One can easily guess whom they voted for.

And this gem, from a Wyoming steer wrestler: "Women should not rodeo any more than men can have babies. Women were put on earth to reproduce, and are close to animals. Women's liberation is on an equal to gay liberation—they are both ridiculous."

Gay folks are notoriously creative. Surely we can come up with a more compassionate, life-affirming entertainment than rodeo. For most of the animals unwillingly involved, rodeo is merely a detour en route to the slaughterhouse. They (and we) deserve better.

Season's greetings, peace on earth to all creatures.

—Eric Mills, coordinator, ACTION FOR ANIMALS

Gay rodeo rules do not protect animals from abuse; animals are still kicked, roped, spurred and dragged to the ground by their heads (called chute dogging).

As a community that has fought long to overcome violence, humiliation and prejudice, is the violent rodeo really worthy of support? Promoting rodeo events and other cruel animal acts sends the dangerous message that entertainment based on suffering and ridicule is not only condoned, but encouraged. Cruelty should be condemned in all its forms.

—Jennofur O'Connor, via bendsource.com

While I sympathize with the views expressed in prior comments, it's still good to see the diversity of the LGBTQ community represented through this exhibit. I plan to attend, if only to see a view of the world that lies outside my own day to day experience.

—John Mundy, via bendsource.com

*Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly spelled John Mundy's name. We regret the error. (12/30/17)

In response to, "Snowy Split: Youth alpine ski racing has been divided in Oregon since 2012. Some are still hoping for reunification." (12/13)

Nicely written and researched Sophia! Timm and Pagano should be ashamed of themselves for ego driven stubbornness and selfishness. Kudos to Rathbun and O'Brien for crossing the divide and accepting OISRA's invitation.

Let's see a full wave of participation this year!

—"Rare Boots," via bendsource.com

In Response to, "Should Oregon Ranchers be allowed to kill wolves?" (10/26/2016)

I for one believe we should be allowed to kill wolves, they need to be controlled. I live in Eastern Oregon, where the wolves have been reintroduced.

However, these wolves now roaming in our backyard are not the wolves that were originally here. They are Canadian wolves, they are also a much bigger breed of wolf. Unless I'm incorrect that makes them an invasive species.

I'm uncertain of why this is such a good thing....considering just recently a neighbor of mine has had wolves kill two of his livestock within a mile of his home. His herd is not very large and losing any affects his family's income.

Also, an acquaintance of mine had wolves come up to his house when he drove to town to the store. By the time he came back, his two dogs that were on chains in the backyard of his home were dead. All that was left of them were their heads still attached to the collars and chains.

I just want to know if all are aware of the impact that the introduction of Canadian wolves are having in the rural areas in Oregon. I haven't even begun to tell you about the recent decline of our deer and elk populations, that is due strictly to the introduction of this species.

I don't understand why we are allowed by law to manage almost every other species of animal in Oregon, that are considered a game animal but wolves....? Please if anyone can explain to me why Canadian wolves being introduced into Oregon is a good thing I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

—Melissa A Hogan, via bendsource.com

In Response to, "Like A Tuxedo At The Beach? Your guide to the new proposed tax plan." (12/13)

Looks like people are going to get screwed again! Nothing for single people who have the same bills as everyone else! No mention of tax brackets... and of course the minimal tax "cut" for those of us less than $70K will magically disappear while corporations' are made permanent! All this BS about these corporate cuts leading to more jobs and higher salaries! Bull crap! Multiple large corporations have already spoken their intentions about creating jobs... they won't be! They are interested in their corporate profits...NOT IN CREATING JOBS...THEY F'ED US AGAIN AND WE HAVE NO SAY AGAIN!

—Colleen Darrell, via bendsource.com

Or wearing a tuxedo on the ski slope. Rep. Walden is going to vote for it though.

—CayBorduin, via bendsource.com

Letter of the Week

Cay: Meet me at Bachelor in your best monkey suit? O wait, that would be ridiculous. O wait. ... so would...

Anyway, come on in for your gift card to Palate—which I hope helps to offset your dismay about trickle-down economics!

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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