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Letters to the Editor: Readers Weigh in on Restricted Winter Parking and... Mirror Pond Dredging


Never Forget

We must never forget certain anniversaries.

With the recent escalation of gun violence in this country, it is even more important this December to commemorate the fifth anniversary of both the Newtown and Clackamas Town Center shootings. And we must remember the thousands who have died at the hands of violent men with guns before and since these events. At times we feel powerless, sensing there is nothing we can do because the NRA (National Rifle Association) has such a hold on our government.

A British journalist recently stated, "The gun control debate ended with Newtown. Once America decided it was OK to kill children the debate ended."

I refuse to be so defeatist. There is change on the horizon, and we can all help make it happen by calling, writing or texting our legislators to voice our concerns. Federal legislation has been introduced in both the House and the Senate to close loopholes in the background check system related to domestic violence. There are also moves to have the so called "bump stocks" and assault rifles more regulated.

Unfortunately, the gun lobby is continuing efforts to loosen our already lax gun safety laws with the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. This would essentially allow concealed weapons to be carried without a background check or safety training, including by the adjudicated mentally ill and domestic violence offenders. We need to convey to our senators and representatives that such legislation is dangerous and urge them to oppose SB 446 and HR 38.

The best way to honor the victims of these tragedies is to join the action. Speak up, write, call and vote your conscience.

— Ruth Herbert, Volunteer, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

In Response to, "The City of Bend has designated an "Emergency Snow Zone." (11/15)

Denver had permanent signs saying no parking after 9 pm when streets are snow covered.

Steve OBrien, via facebook.com

Just proves it's not bend anymore.

Jason Wahl, via facebook.com

The bus driver told us today regardless what the City does, it will be the bus driver who decides whether or not to continue his loop around Chandler Avenue even if there are no cars and street is plowed? That doesn't seem right.

Judy Ann Lear, via facebook.com

Finally! Everyone needs to chip in and do their part. The west side was awful last year and my business was hurt because of it!

Heather Kegler, via facebook.com

In Response to, "From Homeless to Housed: Transitional housing project offers shelter, transformation and most importantly: Hope." (11/15)

I couldn't be clean (coming up on six months) without Pfiefer housing! Joshua Roniger was an awesome "house dad" (house manager) and was also instrumental in my early recovery. Of course I couldn't get into the housing without Gene and Dillon too!

Thank you everyone!

Jeremy Hay, via bendsource.com

Thank you for writing this article about homelessness and addiction. Thank you Sally too. Please visit our church, Bend Methodist on Wednesday to see the amazing work we do for the homeless as well.

Michele 1, via bendsource.com

In Response to, "The Dredging of Mirror Pond." (11/22)

The complexity of this issue continues to grow. I for one believe that the "investors" and the citizen proponents of saving this icon are "barking up the wrong tree" and are on the wrong side of history. The City of Bend does not have the funds or the mandate of its citizens to use public funds for this effort.

The City has competing priorities, i.e. accessibility, sidewalks, streets and roads, bridges, public transit and other infrastructure. The Bend Park and Recreation District are likely tapped out with the public in terms of bonding. They are much better suited to building trails and replenishing the river banks.

The real answer lies to creating a Local Improvement District (LID) and seeking the approval of local property owners who directly benefit from the pond with scenic, livability and higher property values in their neighborhood.

If the majority of property owners owning more than 51 percent of the affected property agree they can fund this effort in perpetuity, they can pay for the upkeep (dredging) every 15 – 20 years and if they wish, purchase the PPL (Pacific Power) dam at a price the company can justify to its ratepayers both locally and nationally.

The LID boundaries "could" be the Portland Avenue bridge on the north, Reed Market Road on the south, the Tetherow Development on Skyline Drive on the west and Third Street on the east.

LID formations are the future for the City of Bend going forward, we might as well start with Mirror Pond today.

— Brian M. Douglass

Letter of the Week

Brian—Sounds like the best idea anyone's come up with yet. Come on in for your gift card to Palate!

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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