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Letters to the Editor: Sept 11-18


In Response to, "Bend Bypass Needs Major Surgery, Rapid Growth Has $120 million Parkway Clogged." (10/2005)

They were told by very knowledgeable people, people who actually built roads and bridges, that their parkway plan was for "then" not for how Bend traffic was going to be in the future. From the beginning, it was dated, too slow, terrible merge lanes, a traffic light, a pedestrian crossing and today it is dangerous because the traffic is too heavy for what they built.

— Brenda Hansen-Coats

In Response to, "Crane Shed Legacy." (2004)

If this were the time of tar and feathers, the developers would have been run out of town clothed in them. Under cover of darkness, without a permit, they took it down. It still makes me sad.

— Viki Wooster

In Response to, Capitol Influence (9/14)

My concern is that I have yet to see Buehler say anything other than the R party talking points. We need some creative solutions not the same old ideas.

— Dennis Sargent

In Response to, "We've hit peak "us vs. them" ire. Is this who we want to be?" (8/9)

For me, it's not an issue of wanting tourism or even people wanting to move into the community. It is the way tourism and growth have been handled.

You have VisitBend.org pushing for tourism and growth, but nobody is dealing with the infrastructure to handle it. Months were spent on sidewalk repair but nothing to deal with the traffic and bottlenecks.

We now have people living on the street because there isn't affordable housing, yet developers are building new hotels. If we want to cool off some of the anti tourism tempers out there, fix the problems that it creates.

— M. Faccone

In Response to,"Music is a Business, Too. Don't Treat it Different From Other Businesses."(9/14)

Unfortunately over-complaining is a byproduct of our social media society. It is much easier to "start a petition" because you don't like a person, a noise or how someone acted! People now get upset and offended at the smallest things. Nowadays, people are offended by free speech if the free speech is not something they agree with.

I think a little tolerance of the fact that we are a growing city is in order. If you think there is too much music, I believe the town of Brothers does not have a noise ordinance and is looking for people to live there. Just a thought!

— Arden Dettwyler

People who live in a busy area with visitors and residents attending events need to get over it. If they truly cannot stand it, they should cash out on their home, make a huge profit and find a quiet refuge.

I understand wanting peace and quiet. That's why I don't have a home in the busy area. Sell sell sell! And be happy.

— Karen Kellogg

In Response to, "Sen. Merkley Announces He's joining U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to Introduce the Medicare for All Act." (9/13)

The irony of a politician talking about the things he and his fellow politicians complicated and how we rely upon them to mitigate the damage and affects of said complications.

— Paul Jones

I dig Merkley. He is a solid dude. So glad he beat Smith. Glad he is on board with single payer. I plan twice a week calls until Senator Ron Wyden gets on board as well...(single player) keeps out health care CEO's and boards of directors from tacking on what they think they are worth before distributing care.

Check out UnitedHealthcare's CEO's compensation and imagine the good that could do if distributed to people in need of care.

We need to end for-profit healthcare.

— Trevor Lacy

Healthcare! Brought to you by the folks who brought you the VA, public schools, the $100 hammer and the DMV!

— Keith Waldo

And our highway infrastructure, clean water, landing on the moon, and the most dominant military in the world!

— Michael Dinsmore

How about universal house care. And food care. And car care. And hell, let's just have EVERYTHING given to us for free, shall we? THE RICH WILL PAY (Not!).

— Ron O'Brien

Works for nearly every other developed country—less cost and better outcomes. Why do people think that we can't at least do something similar and get better results? Medicare is highly rated by recipients and its single payer light. We can do this and do better than most.

— Jim Roberts

Letter of the Week

Jim: Yes, we can. Thanks for reading. Come on in and grab your gift card to Palate. That's called "no payer"!

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