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Letters to the Editor: Sept 25 - Oct 2

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In Response to, "A House Divided, Does Short Term Rentals Help Solve the Housing Crisis" (10/1)

Being able to stay in an Air Bnb allowed me to move to Redmond and begin my job as a pediatric occupational therapist, six weeks before I was able to move into my new house. I was able to help a lot of kids and their families in those six weeks.

— Jenny Sweeney

It's a supply problem, ultimately. If there were enough housing, then there'd be enough for both short term and long term rentals. Also, STRs have an advantage over hotels in that they can easily be reconverted into LTRs or simply sold as a house to live in. Hotels are pretty much always going to just be hotels.

— David N. Welton

In Response to, "The Heartbreak: Tom Petty Passes Away at 66" (10/2)

Too many incredible songs to list them all here; "Wildflowers," "American Girl", "Here Comes My Girl," "Into the Great Wide Open," "Learning to Fly," etc. I was glad to see him in 1991 for the "Into the Great Wide Open" tour at Walnut Creek in Raleigh, NC. He was an incredible performer and songwriter. He will certainly be missed.

— Victor Johnson

In Response to, Las Vegas Massacre (10/2)

We are the only country that experiences these massive shootings. We have more guns per person than any other country in the world. We are also told that there never is a good time to discuss this problem.

My conclusion is that we love guns more than other humans.

— Randy McBride

Now is the time. We are overdue. The people whose family members died want us to do this. This is not politics, this is healing wounds and preventing further tragedy.

— Michele Gemelas

If now is not the time and last time wasn't the time or the time before that, then is the next mass murder going to be the time, or do we just keep holding fucking gun rights as more precious than life? I'm so sick of this "don't get into politics, just pray for the families" bullshit.

Fuck praying. Let's make handheld death machines a little harder to get a hold of instead of praying over dead Americans again and again.

Killed by a white male, by the way, not a Muslim or anyone of Arab descent. When do we ban white Anglo's/Christians from entering the country — seeing as they've been piling up a pretty insane body count.

— Tony Leeds

It's not the guns that are evil! It's the people that pull the trigger that are evil.

— Jerime Bennett

Politics are personal. They affect our lives. Every. Day.

I think a lot of the families would want this to be talked about so that no other family has to go through the atrocity that is their life right now. Even one of the musicians who said he's grown up against gun control said that after Sunday night he realized he'd been 100% wrong the whole time.

Yes, this man passed all of the background checks, had no record and didn't appear mentally unstable. That's case and point enough that the "control" we have is not enough. When is enough, enough?!

— Shonna Edwards

We Need Stricter Gun Controls

The people who bloat the battle cry of "Gun laws don't work!" are not contributing anything to the conversation. Is it a PERFECT solution? Of course not. But will it HELP the situation? Of course it will.

How do we know this? Well, every major country, state, or city that has enforced stricter gun laws has seen a reduced rate of gun crime. It's basic math. You're right that we won't be able to prevent ALL gun crime but fucking hell we can sure make it harder.

I'm a Canadian living in here. In order to rent a car I had to have a background check run on me, provide three pieces of ID (THREE!) as well as a credit check and had to pay a premium because I was a foreigner. BUT there's a pawn shop up the street that will sell me a handgun today.

And keep this in mind too. The U.S. government currently view the arsenal the Las Vegas shooter had was his "right" to bear arms, but the people who were injured during the massacre and needed proper medical care — they need to pay for that "privilege."

— Jim Robinson

Letter of the Week

Jim: Comparing the right to own a gun versus the right to health care: all I can say is, bravo. Not only that, there are crowdfunding campaigns out there to help pay for the care of the victims. Would they need that if they were in a universal health care country such as Canada? O wait, Canada, with its stricter gun control, has had just ONE mass shooting this year... (six worshippers killed at a mosque) versus 273 mass shootings in the U.S. this year. But I digress... right now, you have the right to a gift card to Palate!

­— Nicole Vulcan, Editor


In the 9/20 feature, "A Hand Up," the story incorrectly stated new requirements for the Oregon Promise grant program. The info should have said: "The requirement to apply within six months of graduation from high school or the GED completion is not a new requirement; it was in the originating legislation for the program. What is new with legislation this year is that students in certain circumstances may be granted waivers to this requirement."

In the 9/28 story "Honoring the Local Music Scene," we neglected to credit the photographer for the photo of Mai from Moon Mountain Ramblers. The photographer was Steve Giardini.

We regret the errors.


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