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In defense of Mother Earth, against more taxes for longtime locals and a 'holistic approach to Mirror Pond' in this week's letters.


Planet Earth

This is what most of the Source staff looks like after an ice cream cone, too! Nice moment from @addymacs here. Tag @sourceweekly on Instagram to get featured in Lightmeter. - @ADDYMACS
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  • This is what most of the Source staff looks like after an ice cream cone, too! Nice moment from @addymacs here. Tag @sourceweekly on Instagram to get featured in Lightmeter.

PLANET EARTH where everything and everyone throughout time and space has been in MIGRANT MODE.

What is the justification for the hate, fear, discrimination and violence targeting people of color immigrating from Central and South America, since migration is a natural phenomenon?

Why do Latinx people, compelled to leave their homes at great risk to themselves and their families, immigrate to the United States?

The root causes of this untenable situation are obvious but easily ignored by people in power who shamelessly manipulate gullible people with relentless propaganda labeling migrants as rapists, criminals, drug dealers and invaders.

RACISM is the foundation of U.S. immigration policies. Discrimination against people of color is the bedrock of immigration decisions. Class status was recently proposed by the administration as yet another means of discrimination.

TRADE POLICIES such as NAFTA, based on exploitation of workers and resources, have destroyed the economy in Central America. Farmers discovered very quickly after the imposition of NAFTA that they were unable to compete with heavily subsidized U.S. agricultural corporations. Survival depends on migration.

The WAR ON DRUGS is a method to demonize and incarcerate blacks in the United States. These policies have resulted in an explosion of drug cartels in Central and South America, where countries have yielded to U.S. pressure to implement draconian drug laws. The drug cartels, one of the few economic means of survival, are engaged in a vicious cycle of competition, violence and death.

A REIGN of TERROR has ensued with people and families living in a constant state of fear and danger.

ECONOMIC gains from trade policies and the war on drugs have created financial incentives for exploitation of migrants. Privatized prisons, banks, corporations, government officials and businesses that hire undocumented workers all benefit financially from these policies and practices.

The JUSTICE SYSTEM is a shambles, with migrants living in squalid conditions for months and years, waiting to be processed. The number of lawyers and judges is woefully inadequate.

ICE, Border Patrol, police, vigilantes and white supremacists are emboldened to terrorize, incarcerate, put babies in cages, separate families and consign children to detention camps, where several have died.

The racist U.S. immigration system thrives on trade policies, the war on drugs and militarization of the border. This horrific system reveals a country that has sacrificed its moral compass at the altar of power and profit. This system in in direct violation of U.S. and international laws allowing migrants seeking asylum to enter a country.

The U.S. immigration system reveals a country well on its way to fascism.

— Sue Bastian, Privileged White Citizen

In Response to, "Afterschool Scramble" on 5/29

This is nuts. It shouldn't be so hard to be a working parent. Why not add more staff? It's not like there isn't a market.

— Tierney O'Dea Booker, via Facebook

In Response to, "A Growing County Needs More Services, Not Fewer" on 6/5

Drop taxes on anchored residents/native born Oregonians that moved here before the City of Bend, Oregon Government imposed its gentrification campaign, displaced thousands, and just raise taxes on all inward migrants from border states that bought into the two for one special. It is as simple as making pie!

— Jess Mark, via Facebook

Jess Mark: So far, there is nothing other than your implication of a Bend City Government gentrification plan.... No citations, no facts. It's what in this climate is called "Fake News". Sure would like to see the evidence you're basing your statement on.

— Stewart Fritchman, via Facebook

In Response to, "Mirror Pond: Instead of another groundhog day, let the people vote" on 5/29

People want a holistic approach to Mirror Pond. One element of that is fish passage. When it was built in 1910 the dam was required to have passage. The ladder was not maintained properly and by 1960 it was no longer functional. ODFW estimated in 1990 that 2,961 wild trout were being killed by turbine mortalities every year. This occurs during downstream passage and the turbines aren't screened. Sixty years times 3,000 fish is a lot of fish. Add to that the impacts of preventing fish in the warmer Middle Deschutes to migrate out of sometimes-lethal temperatures and the isolation of genetic populations of wild trout, the damage done to our fishery is quite significant. PacifiCorp is obviously aware of the problems and has done nothing to fix them. With all the millions of dollars being spent to improve flows and fish habitat above and below the project, it makes no sense for this fish-killing machine to continue its current practices. PacifiCorp is responsible for replacing the fish passage they let fail.

— Craig Lacy, via Bendsource.com

Letter of the Week:

Thanks for your perspective, Craig. Come on in for your gift card to Palate!

—Nicole Vulcan

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