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A reaction on signs, more on the betrayal of the Kurds, and Redmond's First Friday in this week's letters


Editor’s note:

This week’s coverage is likely indicative of what’s ahead in the coming election year: so many things happening that we published a good deal of informative stories online, mid-week, leaving room for other stories in print. Coverage included Rep. Greg Walden’s decision not to run again for U.S. House. In the wake of that, there’s been a flurry of speculation about who will run for his seat. That kind of information couldn’t wait for our weekly print news cycle.

Media outlets such as ours are constantly asking ourselves whether we should be “print first” or “digital first.” Should we hold all the good stuff ‘til press day and offer analysis of the situation, or get it out quickly? The answer is both, depending on what serves readers best. Our daily newsletter, Cascades Reader, gives us a forum to be at once a weekly and a daily news outlet, but decisions about what to cover are a balancing act for our team. As we look ahead to our election coverage, we know our website and newsletters will continue to be sources of helpful, up-to-date info, with our print edition offering more analysis. As a Source reader, we hope you see this multi-pronged approach working for you. If you have thoughts, drop me a line at editor@bendsource.com. Like a healthy democracy, we believe local media should serve readers in the ways readers want and need!

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  • Bend sure is beautiful this time of year! Nice shot from @zavib. Tag @sourceweekly on Instagram to be featured in Lightmeter.


Is Colonel Carwile suggesting that the U.S. should have remained in Southeast Asia to protect our allies there? I think not. We stayed too long, with tragic consequences. 

Loyalty is a virtue, critically important in military matters. But let us be loyal first to our own citizens. We should focus on our own borders, and stem the flow of drugs and criminal aliens.  

As we move towards energy independence we should be able reduce our presence in the Middle East. Our NATO allies can afford to pick up the tab in the ongoing confrontation with radical Islam. Trump is keeping a campaign promise. 

—John Skalos

Fine letter from Col. Carwile.

One has to wonder, too, about the fear with which the autocrats Erdogan, Putin and Trump regard the Kurdish people, who had set us a society in northern Syria based on egalitarianism and full empowerment for women. A renowned germophobe, Trump described his attempt at genocide as "cleaning out" the Kurds. His clinical condition could be redefined as abject fear of those germs of ideas that portend new and inspiring ways for humankind to live.

—Foster Fell, via bendsource.com


"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind

Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?"

- "Signs"  Five Man Electrical Band, 1971

I was delighted to see two letters in the 10/3/19 Opinions section of the Source Weekly extolling the virtues of yard signs. Because politics is permanent nowadays instead of only for a few months every four years, I have wanted to install 20 durable political signs in my front yard for the past couple of years but have refrained from doing so because I had thought that my neighbors would consider it rude or obnoxious.

These two writers assured me that far from being rude or obnoxious, my 20 political signs will be "community beacons" that will proudly take advantage of my First Amendment right to freedom of expression. (I had erroneously thought that social media, telephones, e-mails, in-person conversations, and letters to editors provide enough outlets to ensure my freedom of expression.) By installing them in my yard I will provide an important contribution to our city and be considered a "silent leader, a watchman, and an angel." Furthermore, I was relieved to discover that I need not concern myself with people who dislike yard signs because such people are probably cantankerous, intolerant bullies having troubled interpersonal relationships with neighbors and family members. Good to know!

I'll begin welding my 20 steel and rebar political signs tomorrow.  Because I like his views on immigration and international commerce, 10 pro-Trump signs will be cemented into my yard on the right side of my driveway; because I dislike his views on the environment and international politics, 10 anti-Trump signs will be cemented into my yard on the left side of my driveway.  I thank those writers for their approval of my yard signs and for their astute psychoanalysis of the democracy-hating and suspiciously sociopathic anti-yard sign mentality! That was awesome!

—Eddie Kinnamon


Why would Redmond try to compete with Bend's First Friday? That seems like a losing battle. How about doing a last Friday or Saturday? That would allow for locals to go to both if they so choose. Just a thought.

—Trevor Gardunia, via bendsource.com

Letter of the Week:

Trevor—Maybe Redmond locals want an option that doesn't force them to drive to Bend? In any case, thanks for your comment and come on in for your gift card to Palate.

—Nicole Vulcan

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