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A poem in support of those without homes, a tax rebate proposal and a message for politicians in this week's Letters.


Editor's note:

As you might glean from past editor's notes, a lot goes on here behind the scenes. One of those behind-the-scenes tasks this week: Deciding what to do about the Facebook News platform—the new feed that requires news outlets first to register and then have stories be vetted by other journalists before their material appears on the feed.

To some, it might seem like a no-brainer to add our award-winning stories to the queue —it's one more place for readers to get information, after all. Others raise concern about the outsize influence Facebook has in disseminating news today—not to mention the ongoing debate about how much the social media platform can and should do to root out the sometimes-untruthful political ads that pervade it. Have you seen Elizabeth Warren's spoof ad on Facebook, claiming that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg supports re-electing Trump in 2020? The ad was created to highlight how easily false claims can proliferate on Facebook—even while that ad also openly admitted it was saying something false. It was a brilliant maneuver that made a strong point.

In the end, we opted to register with Facebook News. Our commitment is to our readers, and we want to be where you go to obtain news and information. We're cautiously optimistic that the platform will be able to remain a forum free of political ads—real or fake—so you can focus on locally sourced news. I'm happy to hear what you think.

It's all about the views! Source staffer Isaac Biehl shows a Minnesotan visitor around Smith Rock. - LACEY ROOT
  • Lacey Root
  • It's all about the views! Source staffer Isaac Biehl shows a Minnesotan visitor around Smith Rock.

Re: A Push for a Warming Shelter in Bend Published 11/8 at bendsource.com

Fellow Humans!

There are many vacant businesses in Bend with bathroom facilities and heat and light.

City Council take initiative and lease these vacant spaces or a portion of them so homeless people can stay in them.

Imagine tables are turned.  How would YOU like to be left out in the COLD. This is real. There is an easy and compassionate solution.


—Tom Fosdick


To all those members of Congress and the Administration—you took an oath to defend the Constitution, not the President.  Do not put politics above the Constitution.

—James Scott

Increased Tax Rebates for Gas Sipping Vehicles

Dear Legislators:

My deepest apologies for being concerned enough about carbon emissions to buy a Prius. However, making me pay my "fair share," for highways did not go far enough. I urge you to consider a refund program for all gas guzzlers, the more the guzzle, the higher the rebate, with added bonuses for those who have RVs to pull. 

—Pat Homeyer

Holiday Homeless Poem

Tis' the season to be folly:
 Jingle bells
Batman smells
Robin has no place to go
Mountains covered in snow

The hustle and bustle
Consumerism shuffle
Autopilot takes control

For some,
not looking forward
to the holidays
takes its toll.

Black or white sheep
Homeless with no safe place to sleep

The nights are longer
Frigid winds blow
No chimney for Santa
Sadness flows

Coal in a stove
Perfect gifts,
on a night like this
Spirits would lift

Fingers, noses and toeses
warmed by the fire,
a simple desire.

Reasons are vast.
Cast love and compassion.
An understanding smile
Encourages the next step,
a journey of a thousand miles.

Some use drugs alcohol
to numb the pain
Some are plain insane
Some escaping danger
For some there is nothing stranger...

This, their first season on the streets.

Hard times
Folly not Jolly.
Fault and blame are lame
Shame even worse

the opposition of love
Ask for guidance,
do your part.
Three times larger grows your heart

—Cherie Swenson

Letter of the Week:

Cherie: I mean, it is the Poetry Issue, after all... so for your good timing, you earn the Letter of the Week!

—Nicole Vulcan

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