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Hypocrite Nation, In response to Jail Better Than Shelter and Spare Some Change

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Hypocrite Nation

The miscreant scumbags controlling the government have made it totally clear their only agenda is pillaging the poor, the sick, the elderly, the downtrodden, the disenfranchised and the country as a whole, to further enrich the already filthy rich under the guise of a flim flam tax sham scam. 

And what about the kids of the country? There's no war at present the greedy oligarchs can ship them off to, so they are more than content to just allow them to continue to be slaughtered in their schools. Isn't it a joke that when you try to purchase an "R" rated movie at the self checkout at Walmart an alarm goes off and an attendant immediately shows up to check your ID to make sure you are over 18. 

Isn't it comforting to know the corporations and powers that be care enough about safeguarding our kid's morals and preserving them from the harmful influences of "R" rated movies? Not so comforting, however, to know those same corporations and powers that be don't seem to care enough about kids to keep some of them from waltzing into schools with uzis and other armaments to blow their fellow classmates away.

What kind of a nation is it that can't see its future as its kids and doesn't strive to do all it can to educate and protect them? Evidently this is such a nation. The secondary educational system in this country ranks far down the line in quality, in comparison with most all other industrialized nations. Our kids are being short-changed in that department, big time. To say nothing of the lack of protection from shooters in schools.

The hypocrisy is blaring and says that this country cares more about enriching the rich than protecting and providing for its kids. Other countries have had school shooting incidents, but unlike this hypocritical nation, they have responded with measures to prevent the incidents from reoccurring, and have been very successful. This country has the highest number of guns per capita of any nation on earth, 113 for every 100 people, Any 18 year old can purchase a gun in this country, anywhere. You do the math. Is this big biz? Could that have any reason to do with why nothing gets done to stop the carnage? Contact your miscreant scumbag politicians for the answer to that.

If this nation really cared about its kids it would be doing everything possible to ensure them not only the best education they could have, but also the safest. But this nation has no conscience or concept of social justice. So either cut the crap and do what's needed or shut up the clapper. But stop the incessant flowing of the rivers of bullshit.

—Marco Munez

In response to, "Jail Better Than Shelter," 5/24

While I support the Source and the opportunity it gives for diverse perspectives, I am saddened by the publication of the letter by Mr. Armstrong. What good does it do to include his statements in any effort to further broaden our awareness of the challenges of those without a home or those with criminal intents. Including this letter does a disservice to both the gifts of the B.I. (Bethlehem Inn) and the efforts of any of the law enforcement to our community. I have supported B.I. and privately an individual who has needed their services during his transition. I also believe in the service of all law enforcement personnel and the support that they give to everyone.  And I pay taxes for these services, which would include the detention facilities. Please look into yourself and see what kindness you were choosing to create by publishing this letter.

—Scott Stoery

In response to, "Spare Some Change?" on 5/17

Homelessness is a social responsibility we all share. I'm not sure how to feel about this approach to a worldwide problem in our own community. I agree that a little empathy goes a long way and the end of the article made a good point in that we sometimes would like to characterize one side as a nuisance or the other as insensitive but the issue is too complex to generalize in that way. The opportunity I see here is discussion and debate to dispel generalizations and rediscover the humanity we all share. I personally don't appreciate being aggressively solicited for anything. And in the instance of panhandling it gets even more confusing and can feel divisive and hard to know what the right action is. I also personally disagree with the attitude that if everyone just worked harder the issue of homelessness would be non-existent. As the Bend collective conscience shifts towards accepting its new role as a city and not a small tourist town, increasing personal and individual understanding that there are a variety of experiences happening in our growing community and not all of them are pleasant. This starts for me with talking with a variety of people. People who don't look like me or people who don't dress like me, or have the same values are still people and deserve an ear from time to time.

—David von Schlegell, via Facebook

I don't hear anything here that shows true empathy. It seems a panacea for alleviating middle class guilt. I hate the idea that you look at something and the "GIVER" gets to feel warm and fuzzy. I suggest you head to the nearest coffee shop and return with two cups. Hand the panhandler a $5 bill just to get past that issue and sit down and shoot the shit. How many have ever gotten to know someone on the street? You can change a life but you can't buy change. See someone picking up discarded cigarette butts on the street, hand them a $10 bill and tell them to go buy a pack. You have just made a friend. You have connected on a new level. If you're headed to lunch alone invite them to join you. Your treat. The homeless are not one of the seven plagues visited on Pharoah. Why can't we stop with the labels and derision.

—Ernie Neve, via Facebook

Ernie: Bravo. See this week's Opinion piece for more on our thoughts on this. Come on in for your gift card to Palate—others have used them to share with people in need...

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor


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