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Jamie McLeod-Skinner

I was glad to learn that the Independent Party of Oregon endorsed Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner, for U.S. Congress. Now I hope Independents — and unaffiliateds — will actually turn out and vote for McLeod-Skinner and not sit out the election.

Voter turnout is extremely important in this election. If you are not planning to vote, consider this: one of the candidates is going to be elected, whether you vote or not, and by not voting you increase the chance that the winner will be the person you'd least prefer.

Or do you think all candidates are the same? They are not. If there are values and issues you care about, some candidates' positions are closer to your views than others' are. For example, there are significant differences between Jamie McLeod-Skinner and incumbent Greg Walden, who voted to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions and who is part of the Congressional Republican "Silent Majority" that refuses to criticize President Trump's behavior and actions.

Do you think your vote doesn't matter? Recall that the Republican primary for Oregon District 53 was decided by only 2 votes, and every election cycle there are races so close that if just a few more people voted, the results would have been different.

I know: you're very busy. But you can take a little time between now and November 6th to educate yourself, then vote to bring change to Congress!

—Kay Stein

Gripe to Local Employers

I want to take complaining in a different direction this week, enough of politics, the environment, and the economy. (If I hear another word about Mirror Pond...) Anyway, let's discuss job hunting. Yippee, there are a few jobs out there so if you want to expand your horizons and try something new, go for it. (Notice that I didn't mention good pay) Look on Indeed, Craigslist, or one of the other sites and send them your resume. Then, if you hear back they will be desperate to talk with you either by phone or in person. You will rearrange your schedule, maybe take time off from your current job, or arrange extra care for you kids, WHATEVER it takes because they NEED to talk to you immediately. If your aren't the right person... don't expect to hear back.... EVER AGAIN! I guess the days of a polite call or letter explaining that you weren't picked to move forward in the hiring process are over. They tell you that they will be in touch, sometimes they even ask for references but that is the end. They lie. You are hopeful for a few days then confused, then hopeless. It is worse than the actual rejection-call.

Have we lost all courtesy and respect for each other? People take time and effort to interview for jobs. Sometimes they spend money to get themselves there. Employers and recruiters could take a few minutes to call or email candidates with a quick explanation.

It's time for all of us to think about the rudeness of not communicating.

—Andrea Brown

Andrea—Thanks for sharing your frustration. Sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Come on in for your gift card to Palate! As for Mirror Pond? Maybe skip over page 6 this week...

—Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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