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In Response to, "Happenings at Bend Parks" on 2/6

Bend is just one giant playground! Thanks to @fotophreak for capturing the action. 
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  • Bend is just one giant playground! Thanks to @fotophreak for capturing the action. If you want to be featured in Lightmeter, tag @sourceweekly on Instagram.

I read this article in the Source and I'm wondering about the funds for financial assistance being underutilized.

I have applied three times for aid and the amount of the "cost charge" for me is still unaffordable. If there is a kind or surplus of funds why not offer more help to those who apply? If seems quite simple.

I am a senior who only receives Social Security disability. My income is very low. Seems to me I'm their "target audience" for financial aid however...

Thanks for listening.

—Barbara Fischer

In Response to, "Women's Issue" on 3/7

I'm sure you've been flooded with responses to Rick Burns letter regarding his objection to the Source's Women's Issue. Rather than belabor your readers (and Mr. Burns) with the many statistics that can easily be found online about the ongoing fight for equality and equal pay for women, I'll simply share a quote from a wonderful WHITE MALE friend of mine, which Mr. Burns may find illuminating: "When you've received preferential treatment for so long, perhaps without even being aware of it, equality feels like discrimination."

—Kristin Luck

Women should absolutely be celebrated. Today. Every day. And whether you are male, female, white, black, gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, you should applaud this and embrace it.

Celebrating someone, women in this case, can only be a positive thing. It does not affect you in any negative way whatsoever. Not even the slightest. When someone else accomplishes something, we should celebrate their accomplishment(s) along with them. When we react in a negative way, it usually means that we are insecure about our own selves,

Misogyny is not limited to any one political mindset. It still exists across the board. And though it probably wasn't your intention, your letter is a perfect illustration of why it's so important to feature and celebrate women as The Source did. Please listen to the new CD by India Arie, Worthy. And celebrate a woman, any woman, today, and every day.

—Victor Johnson, via Bendsource.com

In Response to, "DA Office Seeks Budget Increase" on 3/7

Speak up for our community! Glad John Hummel is taking a stand and recognizes what his staff and our community need.

— Becca Gilbert, via Facebook

In Response to, "County Board vs. Marijuana: Axes are grinding" on 2/17

A lot of people were really depending on the jobs this would have created. Really a beautiful technological marvel to set a new bar in cannabis. But overheard (second hand) at a dinner prior to this hearing Patti stated that (paraphrased) "we don't like the plant, we don't think it has any value, and we will do everything to keep it out of our community." Though I'm sure she would gladly repeat it. Welcome to a city council with its own, non citizen centric agenda.

— Joseph Senko, via Facebook

One For the Record Books

How 'bout this loco weather folks? Snow as high as an Iowa cornfield in August. Unbelievable. And those icy roundabouts on Brookswood. Yeehaw! Like riding a buckboard with square wheels. I don't ever remember a February this...

(ring! ring!) Excuse me.

"Hello? ... Ok, I'll tell 'em".

Hey Bend, 2017 called. They want their Storm of the Century back.

"Do what?"

Storm of the Century. You know, that once in a lifetime thing to tell the grandkids about? "It's gonna be huge!" I think the kids say epic.

Anyway, so this guy was saying we could use some global warming right about now. Global warming. Hah! Real stable genius there. Trust me. Talk about some fake news, why, if you ask me...

(ring! ring!) Sorry. Now who is it?

"Hello? ... Bend's kinda busy. Hold on".

Hey Bend, it's Blockbuster. They want to know when you're returning Groundhog Day. What should I tell them?

"The kids will take care of it. Believe me."

—Gabrielle Hays

Letter of the Week:

Gabrielle—In light of what those side streets still look like out there, I think we all needed a little levity on this subject! Bounce on in for your gift card to Palate.

—Nicole Vulcan

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