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Liberals Have No Answers

While I am quite certain that The Source is a "left leaning" publication (I don't think I have ever seen a conservative article), it is



While I am quite certain that The Source is a "left leaning" publication (I don't think I have ever seen a conservative article), it is the reason why I am never "shocked" at what I see there. In a recent article one of your "columnists" made a "compassionate" comment about wishing a microwave would go off just as Dick Cheney was passing by, obviously wishing Cheney would die. (Whoa, is that more "right-wing" hate we see there?) Then in the June 25th edition he said about Justice Roberts "opposing the Voting Rights Act, Democrats voting, and women breathing." Obviously this guy is ignorant of history or facts, since it was the Democrats back in the early 1900s that supported the KKK, and their murdering of any black that chose to vote Republican, opposed the Civil Rights Act and opposed a woman's right to vote. And, as far as his comments on Iraq, when can we expect to see all that oil we are supposed to steal? The Kurds are exporting oil, however, and I believe it is going mostly to China. And since China is increasing its strategic oil reserves by 160% one might think we would be wise to be drilling for our own rather than banning it by a phoney "energy bill" that is going to put America in jeopardy. The liberals won control of both Houses in 2006, and what has gotten better since?

And what of those phonies in Salem? In this time of financial crisis they vote to pass higher gas taxes, permit fees, registration fees, etc. And even some phony Republicans voted with those crooked Democrats. How is that going to help the poor, the low income worker, or the guy having to buy gas to look for a job, or go to work? Ahhhhh, the "compassion" of the liberal.

So, this little rant brings me to my main question. Would any of you care to try and show me where ANY "progressive" program enacted by the liberal/progressive/socialist/Democrat has succeeded, produced the results intended, has not expanded federal control, and power, has not created a bloated bureaucracy, or increased taxes due to increased demand by those who want to be dependent on the government for their needs? Can you name a program that has not adversely affected the poor, and the working poor, while enriching the wealthy? Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Farm Aid, Education, Preschool programs, school lunch programs, transportation with its gas taxes, SCHIP, anything? Ed Schultz, Bob Beckel, Randy Rhodes, Al Franken, and the many liberals I correspond with regularly cannot do it. Can you?

BTW, I am a Conservative who has not voted for a Republican, save one and it wasn't either of the Bush's, for over 20 years. The country grew under Conservatism when it was present in both parties. Now it is being destroyed by this foolishness called "progressive."

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