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Like Scout, Be Prepared

How to make a first-aid kit that fits your needs.


Whether toting kids around or stocking your car, first-aid kits are always a must. But what do you put in a first-aid kit?

A good first-aid kit has all the basics:


Neosporin (or some generic version)

Gauze pads

Iodine or alcohol prep pads

Adhesive tape

Pain relievers

Candy (treat yourself or the injured to a quick sugar fix)

This may be the "basic" first-aid kit, but it is definitely not a complete one. When making a first-aid kit, you must personalize it by thinking about you and your needs. Do you often suffer from a bloody nose? Pack some tissues! Are splinters an issue? Bring a pair of tweezers! Do you worry about getting blood on your clothes during an emergency? Throw in a Tide-to-go pen! A good first-aid kit is about fulfilling your needs. While a basic kit is helpful, there will always be items that are specific to each person. So when customizing your first-aid kit, think about your medical past, your physical present and how you want to be prepared for the future.

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